Fujitsu Demonstrates Deployable TriplePlay ADSL Solution

6/28/2002 - Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe Ltd, the leading supplier of high performance telecommunications solutions, is highlighting the power and capabilities of currently available ADSL technology - demonstrating a fully operational TriplePlay service delivered using a single, conventional telephone line. The service incorporates three main elements: live television and other video services, multiple telephone lines, and fast access to the Internet though both the PC and the TV.

In creating the TriplePlay network, Fujitsu's objective is to show that ADSL technology can be used to deliver substantially more than just high-speed Internet access. It is capable of giving service providers a low cost platform from which to exploit the existing copper infrastructure to deliver high revenue, value-added services and applications, many of which can be uniquely offered over DSL access networks.

Fujitsu's Marketing Director, Marc Curtis, explains:
"DSL offers an incredibly powerful platform that we believe is in danger of being under-utilised longer term. Our objective in setting up the TriplePlay ADSL network was to show service providers just what could be achieved today, with the technology that exists, and without having to invest in VDSL-based solutions. Once a network is in place that supports the basic TriplePlay services, the applications that can be created are virtually limitless, with a level of interactivity that no other platform can achieve."

One of the key challenges in being able to provide a TriplePlay solution over DSL is the ability to support a scalable solution for broadcast television delivery. This requires network elements to be able to multicast downstream TV channels and to respond rapidly to channel changing requests from end users of the service - as well as providing quality of service guarantees so that, for example, Internet traffic does not adversely affect video and voice applications.

These features are built into Fujitsu's market-leading FDX DSL access platform, which is at the heart of the TriplePlay solution. FDX offers support for multiple services, including emulated voice over DSL (VoDSL), video on demand and, significantly, live television. Network operators that have already implemented Fujitsu's FDX DSL platform to deliver cost effective fast Internet services can benefit from a simple upgrade that enables them to offer TriplePlay services, including broadcast TV.

Using a combination of dynamic multicasting and channel selection controlled by IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol), FDX can now offer service providers the opportunity to deliver large numbers of television and on-demand video channels to ADSL users, with rapid and scalable TV channel "zapping" - allowing for all connected users changing channels simultaneously and quickly, while still receiving a service that compares favourably with other digital TV platforms.

In conjunction with several partners, Fujitsu will continue to develop the TriplePlay ADSL solution, enhancing the available applications and taking advantage of new developments in live television encoding, middleware, customer premises equipment and packet voice solutions. Further announcements relating to these developments will be made in the near future.

Fujitsu has a long-standing reputation for innovation relating to xDSL technology developments, and has demonstrated a continuing commitment to reduce the costs of deploying ADSL. Its FDX xDSL access platform is complemented by a range of fibre access solutions, customer premises equipment and a complete range of turnkey network services - combining to enable Fujitsu to offer unrivalled support for the deployment of broadband access networks in the UK.

About Fujitsu Telecommunications Europe
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