Web designers help Bluetooth chip designer push the right buttons

6/27/2002 - Wordsun Web Works has created a web-based remote controller for a DVD player, to support the Bluetooth industry leader CSR with the first ever demonstration of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) running over Bluetooth wireless technology. In a ground-breaking presentation made at this year’s Bluetooth Congress in Amsterdam, a Flash-animated virtual front panel provided an ergonomic user interface to allow users to remotely control consumer appliances over a wireless personal area network.

The demonstration successfully illustrated the concept of a web-based browser - on a PC or a portable device such as a PDA - acting as a universal user interface. The consumer DVD player in the demonstration was fitted with a module containing CSR’s BlueCore2 chip, running both a web server and IPv6 stacks, as well as the Bluetooth protocol.

IPv6 implements 128 bit addressing, which means that every appliance in the world could have a unique address. This paves the way for the remote control and monitoring of products such as lighting, heating systems and household appliances.

“The combination of Wordsun Web Works' multi-media skills and imagination is helping us to present electronic OEMs with a clear picture of the huge applications potential opened up by the addition of Bluetooth wireless networking", says Alan Woolhouse, CSR's VP of Communications.

“It's fascinating to help technology pioneers like CSR to grow," adds Michael Johnson, Manager of Wordsun Web Works. "They are not only creating a successful semiconductor business, but exploiting multi-media tools to help them market and serve customers worldwide".

Wordsun Web Works' virtual interface for the control of appliances over Bluetooth, provides two functions: remote control of all the front panel buttons, and the provision of hotlinks below the user interface, for related web surfing. In the case of a DVD, the manufacturer could present links to a database of motion picture reviews for example, as well as links to the company for DVD manual information, support, etc. For more information visit www.wordsun.co.uk, and the Bluetooth DVD application web page http://www.csr.com/dvd/

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