Broadcom's New Multi-Gigabit Security Processor Chip Enables World's Fastest SSL/TLS Record Processing Systems

6/27/2002 - Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), the leading provider of integrated circuits enabling broadband communications, announced the Broadcom® BCM5850 - a 2.4 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) processor chip. The BCM5850, combined with Broadcom's comprehensive software package and market-leading BCM5821 e-Commerce Security Processor, provides manufacturers with a high-performance record layer protocol processing solution for securing confidential e-Commerce transactions and data transfers over the Internet.

SSL and TLS are the commonly used protocols for securing Internet traffic and are supported by virtually every Web browser. These protocols ensure that no third party may eavesdrop on or tamper with Internet traffic, such as email messages, data transfers, and e-Commerce transactions, and can authenticate the server to the client and vice-versa. The BCM5850 accelerates the bulk throughput performance of SSL and TLS transactions to match the requirements of today's multi-Gigabit per second networks. This high-performance encryption capability will enable e-Commerce networking equipment, such as blade server chassis, Web servers, Web switches and load balancers, to process more secure Web transactions per second without impacting the performance of the network.

The BCM5850 is Broadcom's fourth-generation security processor chip. It was specifically designed to meet the demands of today's Gigabit networks. The BCM5850, combined with Broadcom's family of Gigabit Ethernet NetXtremeTM controllers, Gigabit Ethernet StrataXGSTM multilayer switches and SiByteTM network processors, will provide manufacturers with a complete set of building blocks for designing the world's fastest SSL/TLS record processing solution.

"An important aspect of the security solution is overall system performance," said Devesh Garg, Senior Director of Broadcom's Security Line of Business. "Accordingly, security solutions must be properly matched with other system components to extract maximum system performance and value. Security solutions should not create bottlenecks nor should they possess performance capacity that cannot be utilized."

The BCM5850 performs full-record layer protocol processing at peak performance rates of up to 2.4 Gbps, even on minimum size records. The BCM5850's efficient pipelined interfaces support any combination of SSL/TLS traffic workload, from short duration web transactions to longer duration filer transfers using maximum size (16 Kbyte) records, which significantly reduces host CPU compute cycles and improves I/O throughput.

"As the Internet continues to become a legitimate e-Commerce and e-Business tool, the demand for secure transactions continues to increase, particularly in light of recent events," said Garg. "To facilitate this growth, security is becoming a fundamental component of the equipment driving these networks and consequently security must be ubiquitous."

The BCM5850 is a SSL/TLS record processing chip that provides advanced fast path protocol offload, complete symmetric key cryptographic and keyed hash operations for both handshake and data transfer phases, chained cipher state maintenance, and data management functions for SSL version 3, SSL version 2, and TLS version 1. The new chip also provides a generic processing mode to support acceleration for other protocols such as Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS).

Broadcom's comprehensive software development kit (SDK), which is part of the BCM5850 development suite, includes a portable software reference library, application layer support libraries, and OpenSSL patches for the BCM5850's Application Program Interfaces (APIs), with pre-built drivers for LinuxTM. Broadcom supplies a complete reference environment including the SDK and both PCI-X and HyperTransportTM evaluation boards to reduce development risk and time to market.

Broadcom's comprehensive software package and multiple interface options provide manufacturers with a flexible design solution. When combined with the BCM5821 e-Commerce processors, the BCM5850 can support up to 20,000 complete handshakes per second.

The unique architecture of the BCM5850 supports multiple options for system designs, including public key processing using Broadcom's BCM5821, with an easy upgrade path to Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Level 2- and Level 3-based solutions by performing public key processing in a hardware security module.

The BCM5850 incorporates high-performance PCI-X and HyperTransport interfaces and accommodates up to 512 megabytes (MB) of attached Double Data Rate (DDR) Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM). The local memory can be used to store read and write states for up to 512,000 active SSL or TLS connections, freeing the host processor bus and memory bandwidth from this function. For cost sensitive applications, the BCM5850 allows connection states to be loaded and unloaded in-band and can operate in a zero external memory mode.

Price and Availability
The BCM5850 2.4 Gbps SSL/TLS Security Processor chip will be sampling in Q3 2002. The chip will be priced at $520 each in sample quantities and packaged in a 420-pin PBGA.

About Broadcom
Broadcom Corporation is the leading provider of highly integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services. Using proprietary technologies and advanced design methodologies, Broadcom designs, develops and supplies complete system-on-a-chip solutions and related hardware and software applications for every major broadband communications market. Our diverse product portfolio includes solutions for digital cable and satellite set-top boxes; cable and DSL modems and residential gateways; high-speed transmission and switching for local, metropolitan and wide area networking; home and wireless networking; cellular and terrestrial wireless communications; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway and telephony systems; broadband network processors; and SystemI/OTM server solutions. These technologies and products support our core mission: Connecting everythingTM.

Broadcom is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and may be contacted at 1-949-450-8700 or at

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