The MathWorks Delivers xPC TargetBox Hardware System for Desktop Rapid Control Prototyping

6/26/2002 - The MathWorks announced the availability of xPC TargetBoxTM, the company's industrial PC hardware system that complements the MathWorks model-based design solution to meet the critical need for rapid control prototyping for embedded systems development. xPC TargetBox removes the burden of selecting and assembling PC hardware and provides designers a convenient, real-time testing system that for the first time offers a ruggedized, high-performance, desktop prototyping capability for designers of embedded systems.

"With xPC TargetBox, The MathWorks continues to offer valuable tools that effectively lower the customers' barrier to getting started quickly to develop real-time rapid prototyping applications," said Dr. Jerry Krasner, Vice President, Embedded Market Forecasts ( "xPC TargetBox will improve product design and reliability and, most importantly, will shorten the time to market for embedded systems."

The MathWorks has signed an exclusive contract with MPL AG of Switzerland to manufacture the xPC TargetBox hardware systems. MPL is an established manufacturer of industrial PC systems. Three standard temperature and three extended temperature models of xPC TargetBox are available, together with a versatile selection of I/O boards to satisfy the needs of many customers for real-time rapid prototyping applications. "xPC TargetBox uses a custom PC motherboard and is configured to access a variety of PC-104 I/O boards for cost-effective analog, digital, counter, PWM, incremental encoder and CAN interfacing."

"The addition of xPC TargetBox to our arsenal of products clearly reinforces The MathWorks as a leader in providing embedded systems designers with a turnkey, end-to-end capability for control design, simulation, and rapid prototyping," said Michael Dickens, Technical Marketing Manager at The MathWorks. "We expect the breadth of our model-based design offering, combined with this high performance, desktop rapid prototyping system, will accelerate embedded systems design and ultimately the completion of the target application."

Also, The MathWorks announced the latest version of the Company's host-target prototyping software environment, xPC Target 2, which offers important new features for embedded systems design. xPC Target 2 features a new host user interface for remote control access with downloading, starting, stopping and data logging capabilities of real-time applications. In addition the new version includes an enhanced signal tracing engine that provides designers with continuous and gap-free upload of acquired data. Furthermore, xPC Target 2.0 features an improved parameter tuning engine and a highly expanded I/O driver library for over 150 I/O boards.

"Using xPC Target enabled us to use inexpensive, readily available, off-the-shelf PC/104 CPU and I/O hardware. Without xPC Target, it would have been difficult to build and demonstrate this very flexible hybrid vehicle within the time and budget constraints we had," stated Richard Nellums, of Eaton Corporation. Eaton first used xPC Target to develop a new controller for a prototype hybrid electric truck powertrain. Eaton then used xPC Target to design a real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulation system to test the prototype powertrain control unit without the need for an actual vehicle.

The combination of xPC Target and xPC TargetBox provides a turnkey PC-based computer system for use in real-time rapid prototyping applications for automotive and aerospace control design, industrial automation, robotics and motion controls, among other applications. This cost-effective integrated capability is particularly well suited for users who need a "jump start" to quickly implement a rapid prototyping capability to extend their model-based design environment. Both products support the Simulink® dynamic system model-based design product set. Code generated from Simulink models with Real-Time Workshop® is executed in real time using the xPC Target real-time kernel.

Pricing and Availability
xPC TargetBox will begin shipping in July, 2002. US list prices start at $5,700. xPC Target 2 software, which will start shipping in August, is available for Windows systems and has a US list price of $4,000.

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