Cypress Samples Single-Chip OC-48 Silicon Germanium SERDES

6/26/2002 - Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:CY) announced production samples of its OC-48/STM-16 SONET/SDH SERDES, the first device fabricated in Cypress’s internally developed Silicon Germanium (SiGe) process. The CYS25G0102DX integrates serializer, deserializer, clock and data recovery, clock synthesis, and a limiting amplifier into a single chip, allowing one device to take the place of two or more devices in many existing designs. This device consumes less than half the power (0.6W) and occupies less than half the board space (11 mm x 11 mm) of competing 16-bit solutions.

The CYS25G0102DX provides full Bellcore and ITU compliance, multiple loop-back and loop-through modes, and a flexible 16-bit interface. These features, coupled with low power and a small package, simplify system design. Design activity at 2.5 Gbps continues to be robust as market conditions in the data and telecommunications industry are extending the sweet spot for OC-48/STM-16 systems. Enterprises and service providers seeking to maximize existing OC-48/STM-16 infrastructure are increasingly looking to efficiently transport Gigabit Ethernet and storage protocols over OC-48/STM-16 rings. Cypress’s OC-48/STM-16 SERDES seamlessly interfaces to Cypress’s POSIC2GVC virtual concatenation framer making transmission of multiple protocols over SONET/SDH seamless. The CYS25G0102DX is also ideal for DWDM systems where low power is essential due to high port density.

“By moving into Cypress’s world-class SiGe process, we were able to build the best OC-48 SERDES available anywhere, bar none,” said Jack Berg, Cypress’s Datacom Managing Director. “Cypress’s first-generation 0.21-micron BiCMOS Silicon Germanium process supports an cut off frequencies of higher than 110 GHz , easily bringing 40 Gbps designs within our grasp. For 10 Gbps and 2.5Gbps designs, we have the flexibility to choose in-house SiGe when the process gives us a performance or time to market advantage.”

“Developing in-house SiGe capability is an important milestone in maintaining state-of-the-art capabilities as a designer and manufacturer of high-end communications semiconductors,” said Christopher Seams, Cypress’s Executive Vice President of Technology Development and Manufacturing. “In addition to our full line of communication devices, our SiGe process will allow us to extend our leadership in high-frequency timing and radio frequency products.”

About Silicon Germanium
Silicon Germanium is a performance enhancement to standard Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) and BiPolar CMOS (BiCMOS) processes. Compared to standard BiCMOS technology, Cypress’s .21mm SiGe process improves cutoff frequencies (or FT - a measure of transistor switching speed) from 25 GHz to 110 GHz. By precisely depositing silicon germanium (SiGe) on standard silicon (Si) wafers, manufacturers are able to achieve the performance characteristics of gallium arsenide and other III-V compound technologies at costs comparable to CMOS technologies. Since SiGe devices can be fabricated on CMOS manufacturing lines, Cypress is able to transition existing fabs to production of SiGe wafers.

Product Availability
Production samples of CYS25G0102DX are available now in a 120-pin TQFP. A 100-ball BGA version will be available in Q4.

About Cypress
Cypress Semiconductor is “Driving the Communications Revolution”TM with high-performance integrated circuits for network infrastructure and access equipment. Leveraging its process and system-level expertise, the company designs and manufactures solutions targeted across wireless and wireline communications. Cypress supports a wide range of industry standards, such as SONET (OC-48, OC-192 and OC-768), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), InfiniBandTM and Gigabit Ethernet. The company’s communications product lines include programmable high-speed physical layer devices (PHYs), wirespeed network search engines (NSEs) and network coprocessors (NCPs), and datapath switching elements (DSEs). Cypress is also the industry’s leader in communications timing solutions, networking-optimized communications memories and personal connectivity solutions, such as USB and Bluetooth.

Cypress is a leader in pure optical and optoelectronic technologies designed to push network transmissions to higher performance levels and to satisfy the increasing demand for network bandwidth. With a focus on emerging communications applications, Cypress aims to become the preferred silicon supplier for network infrastructure solutions and for every network data stream to pass through at least one Cypress IC.

Cypress employs 4,000 people worldwide. Its shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CY. More information about Cypress is accessible on the Web at

“Driving the Communications Revolution” is a trademark of Cypress Semiconductor. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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