BSQUARE’s SDIO Now! Program Adds HP and Microsoft to Growing List of Supporters

6/26/2002 - BSQUARE Corporation (Nasdaq:BSQR) announced the addition of HP as a member of the company’s SDIO Now! Program. The company also announced current SDIO Now! member, Microsoft, has signed a source license agreement enabling them to include BSQUARE’s SDIO technology into future versions of their operating systems. BSQUARE’s SDIO Now! Program has received strong industry recognition since it was announced in early March. The program was designed to help chipset vendors, portable device, card host controller, and peripheral manufacturers support the increasingly popular SD (Secure Digital) standard and SDIO products on Microsoft Windows Embedded-based smart devices. The addition of HP and endorsement by Microsoft signals widespread industry adoption of the SDIO Now! Program.

“Device manufacturers building Windows Powered smart devices want to take advantage of the best storage and peripheral IO expansion capabilities available,” said Todd Warren, general manager for the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft. “By participating in BSQUARE’s SDIO Now! Program, Microsoft and BSQUARE are making it very quick and easy for developers to include support for SDIO in their Windows Powered devices.”

SD is a standard for data storage and peripheral I/O expansion for small form-factor devices such as MP3 players, digital cameras, handheld computers, and mobile phones. As this standard continues to gain broad industry acceptance, vendors planning to implement SD and SDIO technology on Windows Embedded-based smart devices and peripherals are faced with critical development and support issues.

“We are encouraged by the strong momentum surrounding SDIO Now! as industry leaders such as Microsoft and HP look to BSQUARE to provide a comprehensive solution for implementing SDIO technology on the Windows Embedded platform,” said William Baxter, president and CEO of BSQUARE. “As SDIO products continue to gain market acceptance, SDIO Now! offers vendors an immediate means of supporting SDIO technology on the greatest number of Windows Embedded-based products and peripherals at the lowest possible cost.”

“We are continuing to drive the development of leading-edge technologies for our customers,” said Cindy Box, director of marketing for HP Smart Handhelds. “SDIO Now! enables us to provide support for a wide range of new accessories providing even greater expansion capabilities for our iPAQ Pocket PC products.”

SDIO Now! provides a coordinated approach to delivering SDIO system software among portable device OEMs, chipset and semiconductor vendors, and peripheral manufacturers. With a standard driver architecture and APIs, peripheral vendors can feel confident that their products will be compatible with various devices regardless of the choice of SD host controller or platform architecture.

The standard architectures for adding SD and SDIO card bus functionality, allow device OEMs to choose from a variety of host controller solutions and rapidly add SDIO card support without having to develop the complex infrastructure for supporting commercially available peripherals. Furthermore, a semiconductor vendor can provide the necessary software module to enable the SD card host functionality with little or no development from the OEM.

Current members now include AMD, ATI Technologies, HP, Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic), Microsoft Corporation, MicroTune, Socket Communications and Tokyo Electron Device.

Three classes of membership are offered: Device OEM Membership includes bus controller IP and peripheral driver development tools; Peripheral Manufacturer Membership includes peripheral driver development tools, and Semiconductor Vendor Membership includes BSQUARE development of host controller drivers and reference design enabling software.

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