Adaptec and Sonic Join Forces to Bring DVD Creation Mainstream

6/26/2002 - Adaptec, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADPT), the global leader in data storage access solutions, announced it has entered into a distribution agreement with Sonic Solutions to distribute the MyDVDTM and DVDit!® software product lines to retail channels in the US, Europe and Asia.

"As our retail partner, Adaptec offers us the key ingredients that we were seeking to complement our strong OEM presence," said Mary Sauer, senior vice president of business development for Sonic Solutions. "Adaptec pioneered CD burning software and with their strong brand recognition, extensive retail presence and complementary product family of video solutions, they were the top choice to help us deliver our leading DVD creation software to retail markets around the world."

Music drove the CD market and made CD burning commonplace for mainstream consumers; video is expected to have the same effect on DVD creation. Adaptec offers video sharing solutions in 1394/FireWire, analog and now stand-alone software options to meet consumers' needs for sharing home movies in a digital format that can be viewed using most DVD players. DVDs are perfect for preserving precious memories because they do not degrade as fast as VHS tapes, provide exceptional video and audio quality and are also lightweight, durable and easy to store. DVD players have enjoyed the fastest adoption rate of any consumer electronic format in history. Almost 80 million DVD players are in homes worldwide today and sales are anticipated to continue to increase as the price drops below $100.

"This agreement is a natural extension of our strong relationship with Sonic in our 1394/FireWire and analog product lines," said Jeff Loebbaka, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's Desktop Solutions Group. "Sonic is the standard in DVD production and their software solutions provide an excellent way to quickly share and preserve home movies in a DVD format for viewing on a computer or a DVD player. We are pleased to work with Sonic to bring high-quality DVD creation solutions to consumers on retail shelves worldwide."

Sonic was the first to offer professional DVD production software and its technology sets the standard for creating DVDs. More than seventy-five percent of Hollywood movies available on DVD today are created using Sonic's DVD technology. Sonic is also the leading supplier of consumer DVD software to major PC and peripheral OEMs like Compaq, DELL, Hewlett-Packard, Phillips, Pioneer, and Sony. In addition, Microsoft and Adobe license Sonic's DVD creation technology.

Adaptec will offer Sonic's MyDVD and DVDit! product lines to bring consumers the ability to easily edit, create and share home movies with friends and family for viewing on a TV or PC. MyDVD Video Suite will be available late summer and DVDit! will be available in the fall through select retailers, resellers and mail order.

About MyDVD Video Suite
Sonic's MyDVD is the world's leading consumer solution for creating DVDs. MyDVD allows users to record, watch, re-edit and share their videos on DVD and CD with speed, quality and ease. With its Direct-to-DVD capability, users can transfer analog or digital video (DV) directly from their camcorders or VCRs to DVD. The result is a professional-looking DVD with interactive graphical menus that can play in the millions of set-top and PC-based DVD players installed worldwide. MyDVD also allows users to incorporate video from a variety of other sources including clips downloaded from the Internet, content from other DVDs, or exported clips from virtually any video editing application. MyDVD Video Suite integrates ArcSoft's ShowBiz expanded video editing capabilities, enabling users to perform advanced edits, including transitions, titles and effects.

About DVDit!
Sonic DVDit! is the smartest way to publish on DVD. Combining a simple and straightforward user interface with Sonic's award-winning DVD formatting technology, DVDit! gives multimedia and video professionals, graphic designers, artists and video enthusiasts the power to create stunning interactive DVD content on their PC. With an intuitive interface, creating DVD titles is as easy as selecting a menu background and then dragging and dropping an AVI, QuickTime or MPEG video file. DVDit! automatically builds buttons and interactivity, multiplexes and formats content and records to CD-R/RW or DVD-Recordable drives for playback in consumer set-top DVD players or DVD-equipped PCs.

About Adaptec
Adaptec Inc. (NASDAQ:ADPT) provides highly available storage access solutions that reliably move, manage and protect critical data and digital content. Adaptec's storage solutions are found in high-performance networks, servers, workstations and desktops from the world's leading manufacturers, and are sold through OEMs and distribution channels to ISPs, enterprises, medium and small businesses and consumers. Adaptec is an S&P SmallCap 600 Index member.

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