XE8000 ProStart II, A Smart Development Tool for XE8000 Microcontroller Based Products

6/25/2002 - XEMICS SA has launched a new version of the XE8000 Prostart kit, a comprehensive tool that enables users to develop applications taking advantage of the XE8000 microcontrollers' performance. The kit includes all the necessary hardware and a number of software development tools including integrated development environment with C-Compiler, Assembler, In-Socket-Debugger, Linker, Simulator and Graphical user's interface for Windows computers. The ProStart II has a multi-purpose programming board with serial interface to PC for program download and for RS-232 communication with the application and an evaluation board with Zero Insertion Force socket, buttons for signal input, LEDs for signal output, Xtal and easy access to all circuit pins.

XE8000 Series
This series of miniature microcontroller based products has complete mixed-signal peripherals, including the award winning 16+10bits ZoomingADCTM. Therefore few external components are required for a complete solution. Additionally they consume down to 200uA at 1MIPS, and have a flash memory with retention of 100 years at 55C. Their tiny footprint and ultra low power consumption means they are ideal for portable and wireless products.

XE8000 ProStart II
The XE8000 ProStart II is made of three parts; XE8000SW, XE8000MP and XE8000EV1xx.

XE8000SW: RIDE Software
The XE8000 ProStart is directly under control of the RIDE integrated development environment software. The In-Socket-Debugger includes a tiny monitor program that fits into the XE8000 memory and enables two-way communication between a PC and the application under development, quite unmatched by other competitors in the industry.

In addition, the C Compiler supports the ANSI-C standard code. C-programming significantly reduces the application's development time enabling the user to rapidly integrate their application with the microcontroller.

At present RIDE is available in two varieties. RIDE-lite is an evaluation version with full compiling capabilities, and RIDE-Pro (XE8000SW) is a full development tool with complete simulation and debugging capabilities. RIDE-Lite is available free of charge from XEMICS' web site www.xemics.com. RIDE-Pro is a part of the XEMICS ProStart II.

XE8000MP: Multi Purpose Board
The XE8000MP connects the PC running the RIDE environment and the Evaluation Board supporting the XE8000 chip. It generates the correct waveforms to program the chip, enables the bi-directional communication for the In-Socket-Debugger, serves as a power supply when the Evaluation Board is not connected and serves as a level shifter for applications using the RS-232.

XE8000EV1xx: Evaluation Board
The product specific XE8000EV1xx supports the Zero-Insertion-Force socket for the chip, some common peripherals (X-tal, LCD driver, EEPROM depending on product) and eases the development and test of applications with rows of buttons and LEDs.

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