Venturcom Introduces BXP - Focusing On Remote Central Management of Client Systems

6/25/2002 - Venturcom, Inc., provider of development tools, Microsoft Operating Systems, training and consulting services for embedded systems developers, announced the release of BXP.

With a focus on Management, Storage and Security issues facing customers, Venturcom's BXP expands the capabilities of BootNIC 1.0 released last year by providing support for Microsoft's XP and XP Embedded Operating Systems as well as incorporating additional enhancements to image size limitations, dynamic write-back filtering, power management support, simplified installation and web-based product delivery and licensing.

"Venturcom's BXP is essentially a complete SoftSAN solution, allowing system architects to build managed network bootable diskless configurations backed by an IP storage network built from existing computing and storage elements. It does not require dedicated storage appliances, expensive IP/iSCSI host bus adapters, or proprietary BIOS extensions. Venturcom's BXP software is transparent to the client - all local peripheral support remains intact and shared and protected image modes provide a great deal of flexibility," said Gint Burokas, BXP Product Manager.

Additionally, Venturcom is adding support for iSCSI, to fulfill customer requirements in the NAS and SAN markets.

"BootNIC has been extremely well received in the market and many of our customers have been looking for XP and XPe support", stated Richard Davis, President and CEO of Venturcom. "Our commitment to our customers is to provide flexibility via our technology that allows them to develop secure infrastructures for many vertical markets, particularly Government, Financial and Health Care organizations"

Venturcom's BXP is immediately available for select partners, with a late summer release planned for the iSCSI version of BXP.

About Venturcom, Inc.
Venturcom provides tools, operating platforms, training and services to designers of dedicated systems and equipment. Venturcom design tools and products leverage Windows Operating Systems and development platforms to provide a robust, solutions oriented development environment spanning the medical, simulation, industrial automation and network infrastructure markets. Visit for details.

Judi Robinson
Marketing Manager
Venturcom, Inc.

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