Microchip Technology Introduces Highest Density Serial EEPROMs in 8-Lead MSOP Package

6/25/2002 - Microchip Technology Inc. [Nasdaq: MCHP] announced the addition of 128-kbit and 256-kbit, I2CTM serial EEPROMs in the tiny, 8-lead MSOP package, the smallest available standard package for these densities.

Similar to other densities from the 24LCXX series, these devices are designed in Microchip’s advanced PMOS Electrically Erasable Cell (PEEC) process technology. These miniaturized versions of Microchip’s 24LC128 and 24LC256 series extend the Company’s 8-lead MSOP package offering with an even wider range of densities from 1 kbit through 256 kbits. This package offers designers an unprecedented level of flexibility when implementing high-density serial EEPROMs in space-constrained applications.

The 8-lead MSOP is 23 percent smaller than the TSSOP package and 50 percent smaller than the popular SOIC package, making it an ideal choice for miniature and handheld applications in the telecommunications and computing industries. In addition to the smaller surface area, the latest 24LC128 and 24LC256 devices boast a height of only 1.1mm, making this package selection ideal for cell phones, PC cards or other height-restricted applications.

“Prior to the release of these devices, designers were forced to use bare die or die BGA (ball grid-array) packages to reach densities in this range and still meet their customer’s stringent space requirements,” said Alex Martinez, product marketing manager in the Memory Product Division at Microchip. “Our expertise in innovative packaging techniques ideally positions Microchip to bring unique high-density solutions to the portable and computing markets and beyond.” The PEEC cell process has previously enabled such products as the 24LC16B in a 5-lead SOT23 and the 24LC256 in an 8-lead TSSOP package.

Combining miniature size, low operating voltages and low current draw, Microchip’s serial EEPROMs offer customers a complete solution when selecting memory. For low operating voltage requirements, the 24LCXX EEPROM family can operate at voltages down to 2.5 volts while the 24AAXX family can operate down to 1.8 volts. With an active current of less than 1 milliamp and a standby current of less than 1 microamp, the 24LCXX and 24AAXX devices are ideal for most designs where battery power is at a premium.

In the design of remote controls, home alarms, PC-card and peripheral applications, low cost is the driving force for these markets. However, the ability to increase memory while decreasing size and cost is another important factor that must be considered for the portable and hand-held market place. Microchip addresses these key market drivers by designing its serial EEPROMs into the smallest packages available with the highest densities possible. Designers currently using Microchip’s PICmicro® microcontollers with an external EEPROM now have an even smaller and lower cost solution to complete their designs.

This new generation of devices in the MSOP package provides an upgrade path into higher density EEPROMs in applications previously designed with densities below 16 kbits. As portable and hand-held devices are getting smaller, the reduced footprint of this standard package allows designers the option of increasing their total memory while reducing the amount of space required.

Applications targeted for these tiny devices include automotive, consumer appliances, remote controls, medical devices, portable/personal electronics, PC peripherals, hand-held and wearable PCs, telecommunications including phones and pagers, security alarms and sensors.

Pricing in 10,000-unit quantities for the 24LC128 and the 24LC256 devices is $0.95 each and $1.35 each, respectively. Samples and volume production are available now. For more information contact any Microchip sales representative or authorized worldwide distributor or visit www.microchip.com

About Microchip Technology
Microchip Technology Inc. manufactures the popular PICmicro® field-programmable RISC microcontrollers, which serve 8- and 16-bit embedded control applications, and a broad spectrum of high performance linear and mixed-signal, power management and thermal management devices.

The Company also offers complementary microperipheral products including interface devices; microID® RFID devices; serial EEPROMs; and the patented KEELOQ® security devices. This synergistic product portfolio targets thousands of applications and a growing demand for high-performance designs in the automotive, communications, computing, consumer and industrial control markets. The Company's quality systems are ISO 9001 (1994 version) and QS9000 (1998 version) certified. Microchip is headquartered in Chandler, Arizona with design facilities in Mountain View, California and Bangalore, India; semiconductor fabrication facilities in Tempe and Chandler, Arizona and Puyallup, Washington; and assembly and test operations near Bangkok, Thailand. Microchip employs approximately 3,100 people worldwide and has sales offices throughout Asia, Europe, Japan and the Americas. More information on the Company can be found at www.microchip.com

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