Marvell Introduces Discovery™ II System Controllers-the Industry's Most Powerful Architecture for MIPS and PowerPC CPU-Based Systems

6/25/2002 - Marvell® (NASDAQ: MRVL), a technology leader in the development of extreme broadband communications solutions, announced the industry's most powerful system controller architecture for MIPS® and PowerPC® processor-based systems. Building upon Marvell's industry-standard DiscoveryTM platform, the new Discovery II devices incorporate an innovative crossbar architecture, advanced communications peripherals and performance-tuned interfaces, setting new technology benchmarks for performance and integration. These next-generation, feature-rich devices have received wide industry support from IBM® (NYSE: IBM), Motorola® (NYSE: MOT), PMC-SierraTM (NASDAQ: PMCS), and Sandcraft.

With a suite of six devices offering a rich feature mix, the Marvell Discovery II system controllers are the ideal solution for a broad range of applications, from sophisticated core routers/switches and wireless base stations to high-volume embedded applications such as storage networking and imaging systems. With its dual PCI-X and multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the Discovery II devices enable Fibre Channel, iSCSI and Serial ATA storage applications.

The Discovery II system controllers incorporate an advanced, high-performance 100 Gbps crossbar switch architecture with any-to-any connectivity. They support non-blocking concurrent transactions among peripherals at full bus speeds, providing breakthrough performance for a broad range of communications applications.

"The innovative crossbar architecture of the Discovery II devices is ideal for Motorola's next- generation, high-performance boards," said Chau Pham, Vice President of Technology, Motorola Computer Group. "Utilizing a system controller with such a high level of integration enables us to deliver the solution our customers are looking for."

In addition to setting the technology bar for high-performance, the Discovery II devices also provide significant benefits to systems manufacturers:

"Marvell is the only silicon vendor who continues to innovate in the system controller space to offer market-leading performance across a range of communications and embedded applications," said Gary Smerdon, Marvell's Vice President of Marketing for the Communications Business Group. "With the introduction of the Discovery II family, Marvell has once again upped the performance ante for system controllers by integrating leading-edge features with Marvell's best-of-breed controller and switched Gigabit Ethernet technologies."

Broad Industry Support
Marvell has established a leadership position in system controllers and has achieved multiple design wins with tier one networking suppliers since the introduction of the Discovery family in December 2000. With the Discovery II system controllers, Marvell has already secured design wins in applications requiring leading-edge technology and world-class performance, thus earning support from major MIPS and PowerPC CPU vendors.

"IBM PowerPC embedded microprocessors offer superior performance, scalability, integration, and power efficiency for demanding applications," said Lisa Su, Director, PowerPC Products Microelectronics. "IBM's PowerPC 750FX, combined with Marvell's new Discovery II system controller, can offer embedded system designers a high-performance solution for demanding next-generation applications."

"Enabling even more applications to take advantage of Motorola's high-performance PowerPC ISA-based host processors, the new Marvell Discovery II devices provide support for our advanced MPX bus protocol," mentioned Bill Dunnigan, Vice President and General Manager of Motorola's Computing Platform Division. "The combination of Motorola's award-winning MPC74XX processors and these new controllers delivers a high performance, high bandwidth solution with compelling price and power dissipation advantages."

"Today's communications applications must deliver high-bandwidth architectures which require both high speed networking interfaces and a high performance processor subsystem. Marvell's Discovery II delivers the perfect companion chip solution for our next generation MIPS-based processors," said Tom Riordan, Vice President and General Manager of PMC-Sierra's MIPS Processor Division. "When combined with our RM7000 MIPS-based processor family or the gigahertz RM9000x2 integrated multiprocessor, PMC-Sierra and Marvell address the scalability and expanding performance requirements of today's networking marketplace."

"Marvell's new Discovery II system controller offers a level of performance and integration ideal for building high-performance MIPS-based subsystems," said Paul Vroomen, President & CEO of Sandcraft. "When paired with Sandcraft's powerful new SR71010 CPU, the market now has a new best of breed solution with leading-edge, no compromise performance."

Discovery II System Controllers
The Marvell Discovery II family of system controllers consists of six products: three devices for MIPS-based processors and three for PowerPC-based subsystems. The MV64340, MV64341 and MV64342 devices are designed for 64-bit MIPS microprocessors, such as the PMC-Sierra RM7000A, RM7000B and RM7000C and the Sandcraft SR71010. These devices support MIPS processors' traditional SysAD bus, as well as extended PMC-Sierra MIPS R7000 bus protocols, up to 133 MHz/LVTTL and 166 MHz/HSTL for maximum processor-to-peripheral communications bandwidth.

The Discovery II MV64360, MV64361 and MV64362 devices are designed for PowerPC processors such as Motorola's MPC74xx and MPC75x families and IBM's 750Cxe/FX series CPUs, and support both the 60x and the advanced Motorola MPX bus protocols. They are the only system controllers to support Symmetrical Multi-Processing (SMP) in both 60x and MPX modes, resulting in highest processor performance.

Both the Discovery II MV64340 and MV64360 devices are full featured system controllers, offering a 72-bit DDR memory controller with a 183 MHz clock rate (366 Mbps data rate), on-board 2Mb SRAM, dual 64-bit PCI/PCI-X interfaces, PCI bridge and arbiter, three 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet controllers, two multi-protocol serial channels, and I2C and interrupt controllers.

The Discovery II MV64341 and MV64361 controllers offer a 72-bit DDR memory controller with a 183 MHz clock rate (366 MHz data rate), on-board 2 Mb SRAM, dual 32-bit PCI/PCI-X interfaces, PCI bridge and arbiter, two 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet controllers, two multi-protocol serial channels, and I2C and interrupt controllers.

The Discovery II MV64342 and MV64362 each provide a 72-bit DDR memory controller with a 183 MHz clock rate (366 MHz data rate), single 64-bit PCI/PCI-X interface, PCI bridge and arbiter, a single 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet controller, I2C and interrupt controllers. They are targeted for system solutions employing a single processor and requiring minimal communications functionality.

Comprehensive Development Tools
Marvell offers complete evaluation platforms for the Discovery II devices, enabling customers to start system development without waiting for their own hardware. For MIPS processors, Marvell offers evaluation platforms configured with both the PMC-Sierra RM7000C and the Sandcraft SR71010. For PowerPC processors, evaluation platforms are available with IBM's 750CXe/FX devices and with Motorola's MPC745x processors, including a SMP system featuring the dual MPC7455 processors.

A board support package for Wind River's VxWORKS Version 5.4 operating system is provided with the evaluation platforms, together with schematics and documentation. Third party board support packages will also be available for Linux and QNX operating systems.

All Discovery II devices are each packaged in a 724 ball PBGA, and samples are available now. Individual Discovery II devices range from $49 to $99, in high volume quantities. The Discovery II MV6434x and MV6436x reference platforms are available now and are priced between $4,995 and $6,995 each.

About Marvell
Marvell, a technology leader in the development of extreme broadband system-level IC solutions for Internet connectivity and infrastructure, comprises Marvell Technology Group Ltd. and its subsidiaries, including Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. (MSI), Marvell Asia Pte Ltd. (MAPL), Marvell Japan K.K., Marvell Taiwan Ltd., Marvell International Ltd. (MIL), and Galileo Technology Ltd. (GTL). On behalf of MIL, MSI designs, develops and markets integrated circuits utilizing proprietary Communications Mixed-Signal Processing (CMSP) and digital signal processing technologies for communications signal processing markets. MAPL is headquartered in Singapore and is responsible for production, distribution and design operations. GTL develops high-performance communications Internetworking and Switching products for the broadband communications market. As used in this release, the terms "Company" and "Marvell" refer to the entire group of companies. The Company applies its technology to the extreme broadband communications market where its products are used in network access equipment to provide the interface between communications systems and data transmission media. MSI is headquartered at 700 First Ave., Sunnyvale, Calif., 94089; phone: (408) 222-2500, fax: (408) 752-9028. Marvell's common stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol MRVL. More information on Marvell is available on the Internet at

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