Commetrex Announces OpenEnd&mark/ IP EndPoint Reference Design

6/24/2002 - Commetrex Corporation announced it is making its IP- endpoint technology suite available as licensed software to developers of voice-fax IP endpoint devices. The technology, known as OpenEndTM, is said to be suitable for integrated-access devices and PSTN-IP gateways that require POTS support. Since it’s integrated with OpenMediaTM, Commetrex’ exclusive media- processing environment, and the Company's POTS-interface reference design, the technology can be evaluated using Commetrex' MSP-H8 analog interface PCI card which offers both Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) and Foreign Exchange Office (FXO) line interfaces. The system, available integrated or any combination of system elements, can be licensed in either source or object code.

Commetrex has been steadily building its portfolio of IP-gateway technologies. But with the completion of the OpenMedia streams framework, the MSP-H8 8-line analog PCI card, and its G.168-compliant echo canceller, the Company has assembled all the elements required for a complete voice-fax endpoint. The software can be used with the licensee's hardware or Commetrex’ MSP-H8.

The following system elements are included in the package:

Bruce Adams, Commetrex' Director, Signal Processing Technology, said, "We are pleased to deliver this package to our first customer. His multi-tenant gateway is comprised of his hardware, which uses a TI TMS320C6205 DSP to handle 12 non-blocking channels, and our OpenEnd software. Since one of the available versions of OpenEnd is optimized for the TI 'C6000 family, integration was almost a drop-in exercise. And since our OpenMedia environment is based on the MSP Consortium's M.100 specification, our customer can easily add his own or third-party media technologies to his system." First customer shipment is scheduled for July; the package will be generally available in August.

Commetrex Corporation
Commetrex Corporation develops and markets enabling technologies designed to shorten the time to market and reduce the development cost of integrated-media telecommunications equipment. Long known for its market-leading fax and other licensed technologies, Commetrex is now completing a multi-year development effort to offer the equipment developer middleware software products and a media-stream framework, plus a comprehensive line of PCI and CompactPCI DSP-resource boards.

The MSP Consortium
The MSP Consortium was founded in the third quarter of 1997 by seven companies to develop and distribute a new computer telephony value-adding interface specification called the Media Stream Processor (MSP). The MSP is defined in the Consortium’s M.100 specification of an open environment for media-processing firmware. The Consortium’s objective is to add a new layer to computer telephony’s value-adding structure at the system-resource level. The specification is creating a new competitive space by finally separating fixed-function “boards”, such as “fax boards” and “voice boards” into two value-adding layers: the hardware resource with its MSP-compliant software environment and the media-processing software, such as voice processing or the fax modems.

For more information on the MSP Consortium, visit Contact:
Elizabeth Rubbo
Commetrex Corporation
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