MCC Unveils I2C Bus Host Adapter That Delivers Performance Gains

6/21/2002 - Micro Computer Control Corporation (MCC), developers and manufacturers of small area networking (SAN) products, today announced the release of an I2C bus host adapter that provides a 4 to 100 times performance increase over earlier versions.

Leading semiconductor and computer vendors and electronic equipment manufacturers that serve a wide range of industries use MCC’s SAN products. These products are used to connect Integrated Circuit (IC) components on printed circuit boards or within a system. SAN products, such as those designed and manufactured by MCC, provide device control, media security and diagnostic monitoring connectivity in electronic products ranging from mobile phones and personal computers to larger computer servers.

Used by electronic and software engineers, MCC’s newest release, the iPort/AFM (ASCII Fast Mode) host adapter brings new levels of performance to development, test, and embedded systems that require an I2C bus co-processor. By implementing the new adapter with a high-speed processor, larger memory buffers, and highly optimized firmware, users recognize performance enhancements.

Using an RS-232 interface and a simple ASCII command set, the iPort/AFM offers plug-in compatibility with the previously available MCC iPort/AI host adapter, with an immediate 4X to 40X bus throughput improvement. When a host computer takes advantage of these new capabilities in the iPort/AFM, including three selectable RS-232 baud rates (up to 115K) and four I2C bus speeds up to 400kHz, throughput improvements of up to 100X are possible. Such improvements enable designers to meet the expanding role of I2C in high-speed control and data intensive applications.

New in this third-generation bus host adapter, the iPort/AFM now supports the /INT signal line often found in I2C bus systems. Similar to the SCL and SDA signals in I2C, the /INT signal is an open-collector line that allows slave-only devices to get the attention of a bus master by pulling the line low. The iPort/AFM supports generating and monitoring of the /INT signal, allowing the adapter to participate as a master or slave device on a bus.

The iPort/AFM is available now and priced at $399.95 per unit. Each iPort/AFM unit includes the iPort Utility Pack software with two Windows-based programs that enables the sending and receiving of the I2C bus messages within moments of installation. Users can create custom programs in any computer language that supports RS-232 communication. A complete ASCII command set and sample code is included in the User’s Guide and also available online.

More About MCC
Located in Hopewell, New Jersey, MCC is a leading provider of Small Area Network (SAN) products. Used by electronic and software engineers around the world to develop next-generation electronic devices, the Company’s clients include Intel, National Semiconductor, Compaq, Dell and other market leaders. For more information, please visit

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