Peerless Systems Announces Controller Support for Canon imageRUNNER 1600 and 2000 Systems

6/19/2002 - Peerless Systems Corporation (Nasdaq: PRLS), a provider of printing, imaging and networking solutions, today announced the Company’s collaboration on the design, development and delivery of a common controller solution for Canon’s recently announced imageRUNNER 1600 and imageRUNNER 2000 MFPs. The new imageRUNNER series is the latest in a line of new Canon multifunction products (MFPs) which use Peerless’ QuickPrintâ QP+405 controller design. The PeerlessTM QuickPrint® QP+405 is Peerless' third generation patented "system-on-a-chip" ASIC that offers significant scalability and cost advantages. It is also the tenth generation of Peerless ASICs designed to improve imaging quality and performance.

Most recently, Peerless and Canon partnered together on the design and development of the Canon LBP-2000 laser printer using this common QP+405 controller, which is currently shipping in Europe, Asia and Australia. The new PCL-compatible imageRUNNER 1600 and 2000 MFP series exemplifies the scalability of Peerless’ QP+405 to support job management functions by requiring only slight variations and customization between each new Canon product in this family. The 16ppm imageRUNNER 1600 MFP and the 20ppm imageRUNNER 2000 MFP both feature an integrated copier, printer, and scanner with advanced paper handling, including optional stapler, three optional input trays, and a stack bypass tray.

The imageRUNNER 1600 and 2000 MFPs are the latest in a series of jointly developed products resulting from an eight-year business relationship between Canon and Peerless. This common QP+405 controller represents the 14th unique controller design by Peerless for use in multiple families of Canon products.

"The scalability and customization options available with the Peerless QP+405 integrated printer controller make it ideal for use across a product family such as the one that Canon has developed,” said Ron Davis, vice president, sales and field operations, Peerless Systems. “Peerless values its long standing relationship with Canon and will continue to develop technologies that can be easily integrated into entire product families, helping to shorten development time and increase product revenues."

"Peerless’ QP+405 allows for the integration of a flexible imaging architecture that provides optimal system performance at an affordable price,” said Dennis Amorosano, director and assistant general manager, Canon U.S.A. Copier and Networked Office Systems Division. “Our partnership with Peerless continues to produce high quality products for corporate workgroups, helping us to pass on additional value to our customers."

The Canon imageRUNNER 1600 and 2000 MFPs are currently shipping in the US. Also shipping in the European, Asian and Oceania markets are their counterpart models, the iR1600 and iR2000, which also use the same Peerless QP+405 controller. All these MFPs feature Canon's Advanced Printing Architecture that allows for the integration of job and network management features developed by Peerless. With this architecture, the imageRUNNER 1600 and 2000 implements job retention features, such as hold queues, remotely over the network and initiates legacy jobs using the Printer Job Language (PJL) protocol. As a result, IT control systems monitoring the imageRUNNER 1600 or 2000 are able to receive event notifications, triggered by printer conditions and alarms. The imageRUNNERs use standard packets to transmit Management Information Base (MIB) data to multiple remote clients, such as IT staff network monitor programs. When a printer encounters an error, such as a paper jam or low toner, an alert can be sent out over the network to multiple IT staff as defined by the administrator. IT staff can also be notified when a particular user accesses the printer or when certain features are used.

Several standard job management features are available on the MFP itself without need for an additional print server. Any authorized user with direct or networked access to the imageRUNNER 1600 or 2000 can take advantage of functionality such as sending a job to a queue, holding it, canceling a job or sending up to 64 password protected secure jobs. Using the HP-compatible job retention specification, Peerless job management also supports proof printing, allowing users to print a single set of proofs for review prior to printing an entire batch. These imageRUNNER products are some of the first MFPs in their class to provide job submission, job attribute definition and modification, end user controls, job resource accounting and remote job management.

Canon’s imageRUNNER 1600 and 2000 MFPs equipped with the optional IDE hard disk are able to maintain a job log and support a variety of job accounting parameters. They can also support the following: downloaded fonts, Peerless MultiPrint for multiple original copies, HP 8100 compatible job retention, additional job management and secure job printing.

About Peerless’ QP+405
Peerless’ QP+405 controller design is targeted for cost-sensitive small office and workgroup applications and is a highly integrated controller available for this market. The cost and system capabilities of this controller make it an ideal application for monochrome and color desktop printers and multi-function devices. The QP+405 contains a PowerPC 405 core and the high performance QP 1900 ASIC. This ‘system-on-a-chip’ can easily and cost-effectively address the requirements of monochrome printers up to 45 pages per minute. The QP+405 is the third generation of Peerless’ ‘system-on-a-chip’ ASIC technology.

The QP+405 workgroup controller is a full-featured VxWorksâ based system that leverages Peerless’ market proven software products. Peerless’ QP+405 based controller integrates the PeerlessPage™ Imaging System, and Peerless’ popular PeerlessPrintâ PCL-emulations for PCL5eTM, PCL5cTM, and PCL6TM with genuine Adobe PostScript® 3TM as an option.

About Peerless Systems Corporation
Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, Peerless Systems Corporation is a provider of embedded imaging and networking systems to manufacturers of color, monochrome and multifunction office products and digital appliances. Its broad line of scalable software and silicon offerings and its unique ImageWorks™ delivery model enable Peerless Systems’ OEM customers to shorten their time-to-market and reduce costs by offering a single, scalable solution for multiple products.

Peerless Systems Corporation was founded in 1982 and has been listed on the Nasdaq Market since 1996. Peerless Systems maintains relationships with many OEMs of digital document products. Its customer base includes Canon, IBM, Kyocera, Minolta, Ricoh, Seiko Epson, Xerox and other international corporations. Peerless Systems also holds strategic partnerships with Adobe, IBM Microelectronics, and Novell.

For more information, please call (310) 536-0908 or visit the web site at

About Canon Inc.
Canon Inc. is an industry leader in professional and consumer imaging solutions and is a top patent-holder of imaging technologies. Canon’s comprehensive product line includes networked multifunction devices; digital and analog copiers (color and black and white); printers, scanners, image filing systems, and facsimile machines; camcorders, cameras and lenses; and semiconductor, broadcast and medical equipment. For more information, visit

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