New Bluetooth headset from ATO to use CSR technology

6/19/2002 - CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) announced today that ATO Tech (ATO Technology Ltd) has launched a new Bluetooth headset using CSR BlueCore chips. The headset is fully interoperable with Bluetooth enabled mobile phones or via a direct connection to a laptop or desktop PC using a suitable Bluetooth adapter. ATO's headset will be available from August 2002 and will go on sale in China (including Hong Kong), Europe and the United States.

The small footprint of CSR's BlueCore chip combined with ATO Tech's design in which the antenna is concealed within the headset make for a compact wireless headset which can be used in a wide variety of applications. Single button switching for call connect, disconnect or call transfer and a 10 metre operating range make the headset ideally suited for business users, car drivers, call centre or general office applications.

"CSR's very low-cost Bluetooth solution has made it possible for ATO Tech to produce a cost-effective Bluetooth headset," commented Tommy Lai, ATO Tech business development director responsible for Bluetooth products. "the headset market has been identified as one of the killer applications for Bluetooth and we expect to see this market really take off in 2002".

CSR's BlueCore01 integrates radio, microprocessor and baseband circuits for a 2.4GHz Bluetooth solution in a single chip. It is implemented in CMOS technology and together with an external Flash ROM, it provides a fully compliant Bluetooth system for data and voice communications. The design is optimised to require very few external RF components to allow a rapid design of the motherboard, and therefore the fastest possible time-to-market at the lowest overall cost.

About ATO Tech
ATO Tech (ATO Technology Ltd) is established with the objective to develop premium wireless electronic products using the latest wireless technology. The purpose of the establishment is reflected in its vision statement "we convert innovation and technology into products that enhance our lifestyle." The development of wireless electronic products has been started since early 2000. In about two years time, our company has obtained solid design experience in high frequency circuit.

Now ATO Tech is focusing on the latest wireless technology because top management has the vision that both Bluetooth and IEEE802.11a wireless technology and products will have a rosy future and huge demand in the communication and computing market in the coming years. The first generation of Bluetooth products includes headset, PC adapter, access point, and serial cable. ATO Tech is the first company in Hong Kong as well as the first in greater China to have product (Bluetooth headset BT 20) with Bluetooth certification. Such certification gives ATO Tech the permission to early market its Bluetooth headset.

ATO Tech is targeting at both OEM and ODM customers world-wide. The low cost production facilities in China and well established R & D facilities in Hong Kong allow ATO Tech to provide a total cost effective Bluetooth solution. In Q4 2002, ATO Tech will also launch its Bluetooth products in China and Hong Kong retail market.

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