Atmel Quadruples Density of Worlds Smallest Footprint ISP Configuration ICs

6/19/2002 - Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) introduced today the world's smallest 4-Mbit and 8-Mbit In System Programmable (ISP) FPGA configuration memories. Available in an 8-pin, 6 square millimeter Lead-less Array Package (LAP), Atmel's Flash 4-Mbit AT17F040 and 8-Mbit AT17F080 have the highest densities and the smallest footprints of any FPGA configuration memory on the market today. With four times the memory density of Atmel's previously introduced 2-Mbit AT17LV002, the 8-Mbit AT17F080 provides single-chip storage of all the configuration information for a 2-million gate Virtex® devices, any Spartan® FPGA, or up to a 1.6-million gate ApexTM20K FPGAs. At just 36 square millimeters, the Atmel device is 75% smaller than the smallest competing 8-Mbit configuration memory, which comes in a 144 square millimeter, 44-pin VPFP package. Atmel's new devices utilize a standard 2-wire programming scheme to download FPGA data, enabling ISP while reducing I/O count and complexity. The FPGA configuration speed is rated at 30MHz and significantly reduces the time to fully configure high density FPGAs.

Atmel's Programmable SLI Product Line Director commented, "All SRAM-based FPGAs derive their functionality from bitstreams (series of 0s and 1s) that are read into them on power up from external non- volatile memory. As FPGA densities continue to increase to multiple millions of gates, the densities of configuration memories have not kept pace, requiring that multiple configuration memories be used to store this data. The use of multiple external devices increases power consumption, board size and board complexity.

"The advent of programmable SoCs that include a microcontroller with high density programmable logic compounds the problem, because non-volatile storage is required for the MCU program code, as well as for the FPGA bitstream and application data. Atmel's new ultra high-density configuration memories solve this problem by providing single-chip bitstream, code and data storage for the most popular FPGAs and programmable SoCs on the market today," the Director concluded.

The three new configurators bring Atmel's total small footprint configurator offering to eight devices with densities ranging from 65-Kbits to 8-Mbits.

Pricing and Availability
Atmel's FPGA Configuration Memories are available today in eight densities (65K, 128K, 256K, 512K, 1M, 2M, 4M and 8M). In quantities of 10,000 units, the new 4-Mbit AT17F040 is priced at $18.00 and the 8-Mbit AT17F080 part is priced from $25.00.

About Atmel
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