Microcross Releases GNU X-Tools™ v2.0 Multi-Pack Edition

6/3/2002 - Microcross announced the release of GNU X-Tools™ v2.0 Multi-Pack Edition for Windows and Linux host platforms. Open source, ready-to-run, GNU X-Tools™ comprises 18 standard GNU toolsuites in one shrink-wrapped package, each with C/C++, Java, and Fortran cross-compilers, Visual Integrated Development Environment, Visual Debugger, assembler, binary utilities, paperback user’s guide, 6,500 pages of electronic documentation, and more. The supported target CPUs include ARC, ARM, H8, i386, i960, M32R, M68K/Coldfire, M-Core, MIPS, MIPS64, MN10200, MN10300, PowerPC, SHx, Sparc, Thumb, V85x, and XScale. GNU X-Tools™ v2.0 Multi-Pack Edition is priced at $999.95 and comes with setup support. Yearly software tech support contracts are sold optionally for $2,495 and each includes one copy of the Multi-Pack product with free upgrades and telephone support from Microcross engineers.

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