Vitesse Unveils Third Generation Traffic Manager - PaceMaker 3

6/12/2002 - Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ:VTSS) today announced PaceMaker 3 (PM3), the latest in its traffic management family of products. PM3 is a third generation device and builds upon the market success and technical heritage of the PaceMaker 2.4 and 2.5 products. PM3 supports data rates up to OC-48 ATM cell rate and adds important new traffic management capabilities for switching and routing equipment, to enable true Quality of Service (QoS) for private networks and the Internet. PM3 adds a number of new features to improve and simplify equipment design. Most notably, PM3 allows designers to shape traffic with extreme accuracy, as the device provides granularity better than 700ps. The device also allows data to be shaped down to 2kbps. PM3 retains advanced features such as multiple choices for scheduling algorithms (EDF/HOL/DRR), sophisticated congestion management (PPD, EPD, WRED and backpressure), and the widest available set of standard interfaces. The combination makes PM3 the best product available for managing ATM, IP and Frame Relay (FR) traffic across OC-12 and OC-48 ports.

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