Biocontrol and XEMICS Announce the First Human Implantation of the MiniatURO™

5/27/2002 - BioControl MiniatURO™ is a microelectronic muscle and nerve stimulator, the size of a small pacemaker that is implanted subcutaneously in an outpatient procedure for the treatment of mixed urinary incontinence. For individuals suffering stress incontinence, whenever the MiniatURO™ senses an increase in abdominal pressure, it applies mild electrical pulses to the pelvic floor muscles. The pulse activates those muscles preventing undesired urine loss. In the urge incontinence mode of operation, the MiniatURO™ applies mild electrical pulses to the pelvic diaphragm nerve, employing the sphincter detrusor reflex to inhibit bladder contractions. In the mixed case, the two modes of operations are combined.

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