Custom Programmable Real-Time Recorders from VMETRO

5/15/2002 - VMETRO (Houston, TX / Oslo, Norway) is announcing the CP-MDR, which is a customer programmable recorder for embedded Real-Time applications. CP-MDR has been targeted for data acquisition applications where any off-the-shelf PMC modules can be used as long as there exists a VxWorks driver for it. The CP-MDR is aimed at high-performance data acquisition applications such as for radar, sonar, intelligence, and image capture. The CP-MDR comes in one VME slot version with one vacant PMC position, or a 2 VME slot version with 4 vacant PMC positions. The CP-MDR works on Fibre Channel JBOD and RAID systems. The software includes the essential striping capability necessary to work with budget-friendly JBODs, distributing the data through an advanced buffering system to several disks concurrently in order to sustain the high total data rate. The software has an advanced disk grouping management system where any set of disks in a Fibre Channel SAN (Storage Area Network) will be virtualized as a single storage unit, as seen from the recorder application and from the host. Several disk groups can be managed at the same time and typically two groups can be used in an alternating mode, where one is recorded to, while the other can be read from, at full speed at the same time. The CP-MDR is supplied with host software that runs under Windows 2000 or Sun Solaris for data read-back, up-load and management of the recorder functions.

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