New High Performance Logic Analyzer Adapter Simplifies Integration of PCI

5/15/2002 - Ironwood Electronics’ latest high performance adapter connects the Galileo GT-64130 PCI Bus Controller chip to the Tektronix TLA-700 series of analyzers, greatly simplifying system timing tests and state analysis. The LA-BGA-64130-S-B-01 allows the user to analyze their Galileo GT-64130 system including the disassembly of the PCI bus using software by New Wave PDG. The adapter, LA-BGA-64130-S-B-01, provides the signal integrity required to achieve unimpeded bus performance, yet supports simple swapping of IC devices. The new adapter employs a surface mount base that is easily soldered in place and requires only the board real estate used by the actual GT-64130 chip. The adapter features controlled impedance PCB, power supply decoupling, and matched impedance probe interconnects.

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