Atmel Introduces an Innovative USB Full-Speed Secure Microcontroller

4/22/2002 - Atmel® Corporation (NASDAQ: ATML), announced today that it is sampling the production release of AT90SC6464C-USB, an AVR®-based secure Flash microcontroller. The main innovation of the AT90SC6464C-USB is that its USB Full-Speed interface is combined with Atmel's AVR 8/16-bit RISC Core, powerful cryptography capabilities and a very high level of security. It's USB V1.1 Full Speed interface (12Mbps) gives it a direct high-speed connection to any PC or Internet appliance using e-Token or Smart Card support. This innovative secure microcontroller is a powerful and cost effective solution for a wide range of Internet secure access and E-commerce applications. Examples include electronic signature, user authentication, transfers of large amounts of secure data, high-security financial transactions and access keys for secure software.

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