Corelis Introduces a High-Performance EJTAG Emulator for the Wintegra WinPath Access Packet Processor

4/8/2002 - Corelis Inc., a world leader in the field of JTAG emulation and boundary- scan testing, unveiled today a new emulator for Wintegra’s high-performance WinPath Access Packet Processor family, the first highly integrated processor to feature more than 18 data and control path functions on-chip. The Corelis emulator uses the IEEE-1149.1 (JTAG) standard test access port to access the internal debug resources available on the MIPS 64-bit 5Kc Processor Core. This eliminates the need for external pods, thus reducing the cost and electrical loading of the target system. Since the debug resources used by the emulator are integrated on the target processor, the emulator automatically supports any clock speed at which the target system runs. In addition to these benefits, the use of the JTAG interface also ensures that processor access is maintained even when the processor 'hangs' or otherwise runs out of control.

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