IDT Delivers Industry's Highest-Performance Bank-Switchable Dual-Ports at 200 MHz

4/15/2002 - IDT (Integrated Device Technology, Inc.; Nasdaq: IDTI), a leading communications IC company, today expanded its industry-leading multi-port product portfolio through the delivery of speed enhancements to its family of bank-switchable dual-ports. With speeds up to 200 MHz and up to 9 Mbits of data storage, these dual-ports provide the highest performance and density on the market, supplying the higher bandwidth demanded by communications architectures in the enterprise market, including switches and routers, and storage area network applications. Unlike alternative 9-Mbit dual-port solutions that rely on multiple internal die, IDT delivers these high-density devices in a single die configuration, which results in distinct advantages in performance, functionality, power management, reliability, and cost-per-bit, all of which are critically important in high-bandwidth applications.

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