New generation of c-tree Plus forms foundation for new technology

4/8/2002 - FairCom Corporation announced that a new generation of their popular c-tree Plus data management system is now available. This technology forms the foundation upon which new features and programming interfaces into the core technology will be built. This first formal release of FairCom's new V7 line includes several significant new features including HUGE files, segmented files, Unicode support, and enhanced platform support. HUGE files allow data and index files to support up to 18,000,000 terabytes of data. It gives the c-tree developer the ability to create files larger than the previous limit of 4 gigabytes. If the underlying operating system does not support files greater than 4 gigabytes, then FairCom's segmented file support can be used to permit a logical file to be transparently spread across two or more physical files. Each physical file itself may then be up to 4 GB. Segmented files can also be used in situations where the total size of the file exceeds the capacity of the individual physical storage device because this file segment logic allows a data or index file to span multiple physical files and/or disk drives.

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