Actel Reinforces Leadership In Space; Ships RT54SX72S Device

4/3/2002 - Actel Corporation (Nasdaq: ACTL) today announced qualification and shipment of its single-chip, "live-at-power-up" 72,000-gate RT54SX72S antifuse field-programmable gate array (FPGA). Actel also announced the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSSC) approval of the RT54SX72S FPGAs. The company's RTSX-S family is the industry's first FPGA solution built on a foundation of hardened latches, which eliminates the need for software- based triple module redundancy (TMR) and thus maximizes the total number of logic gates available to the designer. Additionally, the RTSX-S devices offer total ionizing dose (TID) performance in excess of 100 Krad; inherent single- event latchup (SEL) immunity; >63MeV-cm2/mg single-event upset (SEU) performance; and hot-swap compliant I/Os and cold-sparing capabilities. The RTSX-S family is well suited to radiation-intensive applications, such as low- Earth orbiting satellites and deep space probes.

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