VMIC Announces CompactPCI Single-Board Computer with Dual Intel Pentium III 1.26 GHz Processors

3/5/2002 - VMIC's VMICPCI-7760 now offers dual processors with speeds of up to 1.26 GHz. The VMICPCI-7760 is a dual Intel® Pentium® III processor-based single-board computer (SBC) with 133 MHz system bus and 512 Kbyte L2 cache. Designed to deliver bandwidth and high performance, the VMICPCI-7760 provides two independent 64-bit/66 MHz PCI buses: one is dedicated to the CompactPCI® bus and the other is available to support I/O expansion. A third PCI bus (32-bit/33 MHz) is dedicated to on-board I/O (video and dual Ethernet). The VMICPCI-7760 accepts up to four PC-133 registered DIMM modules with ECC for a maximum memory capacity of 2 Gbyte. The on-board DRAM is dual ported to the CompactPCI bus. The VMICPCI-7760 supports dual Ethernet LANs with the Intel 82559ER PCI Ethernet controller and provides remote Ethernet booting capabilities.

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