VDC Finds High Growth Expectation for Wireless Technology in Industrial Monitoring and Control Applications

3/21/2002 - A new report from Venture Development Corporation (VDC) titled "The North American Market for Wireless Monitoring & Control in Discrete and Process Manufacturing Applications" projects a significant increase in industrial usage of RF and microwave technology in these types of applications with transmission distances of 1 mile or less. A significant market already exists for wireless technology in Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems such as those used by the oil and gas pipeline, and electric utility industries, where the communication distances can be many miles. There also is significant and growing usage in factories of wireless communications with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and tracking systems. However, usage for in-facility (1 mile and less transmission distance) signal monitoring and control applications has been limited, and has consisted of niche type markets, such as wireless remote control of cranes and hoists. This is now changing. Aiding this market is the growing use of wireless communications in general, which is lowering the prices of components and the wireless products. A second major factor is the growth in use of wired networking in factories. With such networks in place, it becomes feasible thru the use of wireless access points to provide additional communications to hard, or impossible, to reach locations (via wire lines), and to mobile devices.

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