First End-to-end Telemetry Integration Solution with support for IBM WebSphere MQ Integrator

3/1/2002 - To improve the rate of growth of any business in today’s competitive marketplace, streamlining the process of collecting, distributing and utilizing information from operations, separates the market leaders. Data is now just as much a commodity as the actual products being produced and it is essential that this data is readily available to the whole business. Minimizing the time and costs of data acquisition while maximizing the utilization across multiple applications will improve business performance. This ultimately means delivering data efficiently from field devices as diverse as flow meters and pressure sensors in the process control environment to batch counters and check weighers in a factory production line, directly into back-office applications. Arcom Control Systems is pleased to announce an architecture that offers an information bridge between front end business operations and the IT based enterprise applications. Arcom have teamed up with IBM to offer the first end-to-end telemetry integration solution for IBM WebSphere MQ Integrator (WMQI).

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