Mobilian's Innovative Wireless Technology Validated with Receipt of Industry Award

2/25/2002 - Mobilian Corp., an innovative designer and developer of integrated circuits and software for wireless communications, today announced that its TrueRadioTM chipset is the recipient of the Wireless Systems Design 2002 Industry Award for Best Wireless Technology. Mobilian’s TrueRadio chipset is the industry’s first integrated two-chip solution delivering simultaneous operation (Sim-OpTM) of BluetoothTM and Wi-FiTM (IEEE 802.11b) wireless protocols. As the deployment of WPANs (wireless personal area networks), WLANs (wireless local area networks) and WWANs (wireless wide area networks) increases over the next few years, computing and communication devices will be required to automatically detect all networking opportunities, select the ones needed and connect to them seamlessly. Mobilian has coined this ability to “detect, select and connect” TrueConnectivityTM, and TrueRadio is the company’s first step towards realizing this vision of a “standards-agnostic” platform.

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