Sun Microsystems Praises Texas Instruments 90 Nanometer Process Technology

2/4/2002 - Sun Microsystems, Inc. enthusiastically greeted today's announcement by Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE:TXN) presenting details of its 90 nanometer (0.09 micron) integrated circuit process technology. The new process contains numerous features that expand the design options available to Sun's UltraSPARC® processor design team. In addition to the ability to pack hundreds of millions more transistors into a processor die area, the process technology's unique tunable transistor technology, industry's highest density static random access memory (SRAM), nine-layer metal structure, and ultra-low-K dielectric materials enable Sun engineers to drive processor design in new directions as required by future generations of net effect computing. Sun also believes the new process' power dissipation characteristics will help Sun maintain its lead in delivering client-server microprocessors that deliver the industry's most favorable performance-per watt.

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