World Leader in Access and Transaction Control for Self-serve Business Equipment Integrates Advantech PPC-105 Panel Computer into Self Serve Payment System

12/30/2002 - Entrac Technologies Inc., the world leader in Self Serve Payment Systems, is using an Advantech Panel PC computing platform in one of their newest 24 x 7 self-serve payment kiosks. Now being used in major retail locations throughout the US and other countries, Entrac is capitalizing on the continued growth of the self-serve transaction market that is being driven by retailers' demand for new ways to more effectively serve customers. Advantech's industrial-proven panel computing platforms and services meet this market's demanding requirements. The Entrac ExpressPay kiosk can be found in many Kinkos 24 Hour copy centers. Kinkos uses the ExpressPay kiosks to provide self serve access control and payment systems for photocopiers, PCs and Macintosh computers. The system allows complete tracking of copies, time, applications, and prints utilizing credit cards, in-store charge cards, and in-store chip cards and coupons. Entrac provides monitoring of system status and troubleshooting that reduces onsite technical support, increasing overall system reliability and improving the customers' experience.

Entrac chose the Advantech PPC-105 for its super-reliable, compact-sized platform, 10" TFT integrated LCD touchscreen, and fast time-to-market preinstalled Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 OS. Touchscreen integration was a major issue for Entrac. The ready to run PPC-105 offered obvious benefits when compared to a comparable kiosk assembled with separate SBC, touchscreen and peripherals. Touchscreen integration, OS installation and image porting and system testing literally add months to project development.

The PPC-105 offers a fully tested platform with all the needed features, ready to run. The Windows CE 3.0 OS preinstalled on the PPC-105 (on CompactFlash) gives the kiosks great reliability. Since the Windows CE OS/image is very hardware specific, the PPC-105 comes fully tested, configured and ready for the customer to load their Windows CE application. Integrating the NS Geode based fanless PPC-105 at the heart of Entrac's state of the art payment kiosks, expedited project development, eliminated system integration concerns and gave a tested software/hardware platform able to handle the rigors of 24/7/365 use.

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