Aplix Ships JBlend Platform Based on J2ME MIDP 2.0 Technology To Early Access Customers For Global Deployment in Mobile Phones

12/23/2002 - Aplix Corporation, the global leader in deploying JavaTM technology in mobile phones, announced that it has begun shipping a new version of its JBlendTM platform to early access customers. This new version is based on the recently-ratified Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2METM Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0 (JSR 118). Mobile phones leveraging JBlend technology for MIDP 2.0 are expected to be deployed during 2003 by handset manufacturers and wireless carriers in North America, Europe and Asia.

In addition to complete support for MIDP 2.0, the latest implementation of JBlend technology also supports, as optional extensions, the J2ME Wireless Messaging (JSR 120) and Mobile Media (JSR 135) APIs. MIDP 2.0 was approved by the Micro Edition Executive Committee of the Java Community Process (JCPSM) on November 4 of this year, while the Wireless Messaging and Mobile Media APIs were passed this summer.

As with prior implementations of JBlend technology, the latest version for MIDP 2.0 also provides complete support for the J2ME Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) and Aplix's patent pending KFTTTM acceleration technology. When deployed in mobile phones, this comprehensive platform enables consumers to run enhanced games, maps, and productivity applications that can be downloaded to the phone wirelessly.

Aplix's extensive experience implementing Java technology in mobile phones has enabled the company to establish a strong track record of meeting customer time-to-market goals and fulfilling unique requirements, such as custom extensions and profiles for J-PHONE JSCL, KDDI ezplus, NTT DoCoMo Java API, Sprint PCS and Vodafone VSCL. As a result, JBlend technology has enjoyed unparalleled success in the Japanese market and is the most deployed Java execution environment for mobile phones worldwide, having been incorporated into 35 wireless handset models from 11 different manufacturers, to date. With the latest mobile phone deployments in Europe and the US, the number of JBlend technology-equipped mobile phones and consumer devices now exceeds 12 million units.

In a report published in September 2002 [1], Zelos Group analyst Seamus McAteer concluded that Java will be the dominant terminal platform in the wireless sector, and that the technology will be found in over 450 million handsets sold in 2007, corresponding to 74% of all wireless phones that ship that year. McAteer also stated, "Few Java client platform or Java acceleration technology vendors will survive through to 2004. Thanks to its dominant position with Japanese carriers and OEMs, Aplix Corp. is emerging as the leading client platform company."

About JBlend Platform
The JBlend platform is the de facto solution for running Java applications and services in mobile phones. It includes a high-performance, small-footprint Java virtual machine (JVMTM) for a variety of configurations (CLDC, CDC) and profiles/extensions (MIDP, i-mode, Sprint and others); and all the porting tools and test suites needed to Java-enable a full line of consumer products. The JBlend platform supports a variety of popular operating systems and microprocessors, and has also been successfully integrated in many digital appliances and embedded devices. In addition, JBlend technology offers device manufacturers the following key benefits:

About Aplix Corporation
Aplix Corporation is the global leader in deploying Java technology in mobile phones. The company's JBlend technology has been adopted as the standard Java runtime environment by leading wireless carriers in Japan, and has been shipped in more than 12 million mobile phones and home electronics products. Aplix was first established in 1986 and has been a Sun Java licensee since 1996. It is headquartered in Tokyo with an affiliate in San Francisco and an office in Paris.

[1] Wireless Java: Carrier and OEM Support Guarantees Ubiquity, Zelos Group

JBlend, KFTT and all related trademarks thereto are trademarks or registered trademarks of Aplix Corporation in Japan and other countries. Sun, Java, JVM, J2ME and JCP are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

For more about JBlend and Aplix Corporation:
Aplix Corporation of America:http://www.aplixcorp.com/
Aplix Corporation:http://www.aplix.co.jp/

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