Essential MPEG4 Guide on CD-ROM

12/17/2002 - Available now from Kane Computing Ltd is a free MPEG4 CD-ROM Guide, produced by ATEME. It contains essential information for people starting to develop MPEG4 compression applications with Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processors. Kane Computing Ltd is the distributor for ATEMEís products for United Kingdom and Ireland.

The MPEG4 CD-ROM Guide provides preliminary information that will help evaluate the suitability of MPEG4 in numerous applications and help select the right TI DSP for the job.

The Guide covers the basics of MPEG4 and the underlying technology, design considerations, possible solutions, benchmarks and examples. It will help people select the right DSP, enable them to start to design their hardware architecture, begin development and plan the first steps of their project. It also provides detailed information on the ATEME MPEG4 Frame and Core level libraries.

Application areas for MPEG4 are numerous and include multimedia applications, Internet appliances, video-security, videophone, consumer equipment and video servers to name a few.

Developing MPEG4 software based solution using the ATEME libraries provides the freedom to develop applications without the threat of future hidden costs. Also using programmable DSPs offers a number of advantages over hardware codecs.

ATEME also provides a range of Imaging Evaluation Kits for evaluating and developing MPEG4 applications on the Texas Instruments C64x family of processors. These incorporate direct video, audio, digital and serial interfaces plus an optional Ethernet daughter card and an extensive software development environment and library. This can be supplied as a bundle with MPEG4 development libraries. JTAG emulator and TIís Code Composer all supported in one place by the Kane Computing Ltd Technical Support team.

The Guide can be obtained from Kane Computing Ltd by emailing

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