Signia Technologies Announces Low Cost 2.4GHz Radio IC

12/16/2002 - Signia Technologies, a premier provider of short range, low power wireless hardware, software, and system-level manufacturing-kit solutions, announced the SGN5210, 2.4GHz ISM band Modem/Transceiver. Based on its leading edge RF CMOS technology, the SGN5210 provides the most cost effective solution for the 2.4GHz ISM band wireless applications. By incorporating all critical RF components, the SGN5210 eliminates costly external RF components, and expensive assemblies. Its auto-calibration eliminates tuning and the resulting manufacturing yield problems. Reference designs are available that have demonstrated performance in excess of 20 meters in moderate data-rate applications such as game controllers, mice, keyboards, home security and automation.

Leading consumer electronics providers have compared the SGN5210 to all other solutions and have chosen it because of its superior performance and cost effectiveness. “Customers throughout the world are developing numerous exciting wireless applications that do not require the universal connectivity or high data rate of Bluetooth. For these applications, the SGN5210 provides the optimum combination of excellent range, and simple low cost system design” said Alvin Chen, Signia Technologies President and CEO.

Signia provides all the tools necessary to implement a 2.4GHz spread spectrum design quickly and easily. Reference schematics, Bills of Material, and C-code are available as are completed modules. The SGN5210 is sampling now and will be available in production volumes during 1Q of 2003. In production volumes in excess of 1MU, the SGN5210 is priced below $2.00.

About Signia Technologies
Signia Technologies is a premier wireless solution provider with strong expertise in wireless integrated circuit, software, system, and networking design. Signia has demonstrated BluetoothTM functionality in extended ranges of up to one hundred meters in notebooks, Internet access points, and PC cards. The company works in partnership with other BluetoothTM members, customers, and value-added companies to provide the highest performance in BluetoothTM using the most cost-effective technologies. Signia is an Associate Member of the BluetoothTM Special Interest Group.

About Bluetooth
In early 1998 a group of computer and telecommunications industry leaders, including Intel, IBM, Toshiba, Ericsson, and Nokia, together began developing a way for users to connect a wide range of mobile devices quickly and easily, without cables. To ensure that this technology is seamlessly implemented in a diverse range of devices, these leaders formed a special interest group, formally announced on May 20, 1998, to design a royalty-free, open specification technology, code named "Bluetooth." The SIG has quickly gained membership from companies such as 3COM/Palm, Axis Communication, Compaq, Dell, Lucent Technologies UK Limited, Motorola, Qualcomm, Xircom and is encouraging the involvement of all other companies interested in offering products taking advantage of a standardized, wireless means for connection.

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