Microcross Releases Embedded Linux BSP Distribution

12/16/2002 - Microcross has released its first embedded Linux BSP for the Cogent CSB250, based on alchemy’s Au1500 MIPS System. Microcross provides embedded developers a quick-start to rapid application development using the Cogent advanced microprocessor development platform. With board-specific customizations, Microcross has based its Embedded Linux Board Support Package (BSP) on the standard Linux distributions for PowerPC, MIPS, and XScale embedded platforms. Some of our competitors quickly point out that they lead the race in sheer numbers of BSPs and boards supported; however, they neglect to mention that their BSPs are tightly coupled to each specific development board and that some are merely pre-compiled binary distributions with little to no flexibility and offer no configuration options. This results in a software system that can be difficult at best to port from the development board to custom hardware.

Microcross BSPs are completely configurable, build-able, and fully integrated with GNU X-Tools. These BSPs were designed to be flexible, allowing the developer to move from the standard development board to their custom hardware without requiring a lot of assistance from our support staff, and without resorting to a steep learning curve when building the Linux kernel and libraries -- we provide simple step-by-step instructions to get a jumb start in your development project, and you can rest assured that we'll be there when you need support.



About Microcross - The Embedded Solutions Company
Microcross is a leading global provider of embedded system development tools, training and support services. GNU X-Tools, Microcross' flagship product, is a reliable, low-cost embedded software developer solution supporting over 20 of the most popular embedded 16, 32 and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. GNU X-Tools is becoming a standard for embedded programming tools; no other toolchain offers the breadth and depth of microprocessor coverage. Microcross is the first to package the popular GNU cross-tools for mass distribution with enhanced features, documentation, a wide selection of host and target microprocessors, and optional software tech support contracts. GNU X-Tools is distributed under the General Public License of the Free Software Foundation. For more information about Microcross, please browse www.microcross.com.

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