MSMP3XEV - Embedded Computer with Pentium III CPU up to 700 MHz for rough environments

12/16/2002 - With the launch of the embedded computer MSMP3XEV, DIGITAL-LOGIC offers a further member of its proved MICROSPACE series. The new module is equivalent to the PC/104plus standard and uses a high-integrated smartCoreP3 CPU module with clock frequencies up to 700 MHz. When embedded in industrial applications this compact, extremely robust and totally reliable board is convincing because of its optimised power requirements and maximum performance. It is remarkable for its unique modular thermal concept at which the 300 MHz version will be cooled passively and the 400 to 700 MHz variants with the help of a fan or contact the case of a device for better heat dissipation. Because of the soldered SDRAM with up to 64 MByte and the optional CompactFlash-Disk the board is the ideal solution for applications in rough environments as well as for mobile use in vehicles, air planes, etc.

The MSMP3XEV module has all the usual interfaces provided by a standard PC like keyboard, mouse, hard disk, floppy drive, and printer. In addition, the board contains two Universal Serial Bus (USB) interfaces, RS232 ports at COM1 and COM2, and a 10/100Base-T-Ethernet interface for fast communication in LANs. Further technical features are a 256 KB L2 cache for real Pentium performance, an integrated RTC battery (specified from V55XC to +85XC), a Watchdog, and EEPROM support. Graphics support is provided by a SXGA 69030 controller with 4 MByte video memory. It controls the latest LCD technology using a 36-Bit TFT LCD interface (3V/5V), which achieves resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 pixel and a maximum colour depth of 256 bits. With this the computer is well equipped to play even DVDs.

The Embedded Computer runs under Windows 95/2k/XP/CE/NT and other familiar operating systems, such as Linux, QNX and RTXDOS and has the advantage that the operating system can also be booted via USB from CD or floppy disk. The MSMP3XEV operates with a 5V/2.5A power supply in the standard temperature range of V25XC to +50XC. On request the product is also available for an extended temperature range of V40XC to +70XC. A MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) value of more than 80,000 hours confirms a high reliability and availability of the PC/104plus board.

This new MSMP3XEV module is a further addition to DIGITAL-LOGIC's comprehensive family of PC/104plus embedded computers. The range now includes 166 to 266 MHz and 400 to 700 MHz CPUs, and is based on the smartCore concept, which allows easy implementation of low-power Pentium and low-power Pentium III modules.

Luterbach/Switzerland-based DIGITAL-LOGIC, one of the worlds leading companies in the embedded computer market, was established in 1992 and is involved in the development, manufacture and international marketing of highly-integrated embedded PCs. The group has subsidiaries in Germany, and currently employs more than 100 specialist staff world-wide. DIGITAL-LOGIC has received many awards and knows how to be at the cutting edge of technology with innovative, reliable products and realises economical PC solutions for demanding applications. The ISO9001:2000 certified company develops miniature computer systems based on the Intel architecture with x86 and Pentium processor performance. The product range comprises the standard products with embedded computer modules (smartModules) and boards (PC/104, EBX, Slot-PC), and customised embedded computers and MICROSPACE computer systems.

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