Brooktrout Introduces Non-Intrusive Dynamic Traffic Monitoring Capability for Security, QoS and Fraud Detection Applications

12/13/2002 - Brooktrout Technology, Inc., a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms that enable applications for the New NetworkTM, announced the availability of its Non-Intrusive Dynamic Traffic Monitoring capability. Brooktrout’s enabling technology for Non-Intrusive Dynamic Traffic Monitoring is provided by sophisticated hardware and comprehensive application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable the development of standards-based systems for today’s security, quality of service (QoS), fraud and billing applications. For an outline of the system architecture and target applications enabled by this capability, download Brooktrout’s whitepaper on Non-Intrusive Dynamic Traffic Monitoring at:

Several factors such as the erosion of the telecommunications market and the US economy, the downward price spiral for bandwidth, and low-cost long-distance have challenged communications service providers’ efforts to remain profitable. However, with today’s emphasis on tighter security there is also an increased demand for new communications surveillance solutions. This market will likely spark a surge in development of new systems and services as government, military, and law enforcement agencies dedicate funds to their expanded security efforts.

Brooktrout’s Non-Intrusive Dynamic Traffic Monitoring enabling technology can greatly enhance service providers’ efforts to reduce expenses, preserve capital, and retain customers, and can provide a powerful source from which service providers can attract new revenues. It includes hardware and software capable of high-speed data capture and real-time monitoring, filtering, and recording of signaling data to be intercepted and interpreted automatically and in real time, with no intervention by an operator or intrusion in communications. Hence, the process is referred to as “non-intrusive.” Using Non-Intrusive Dynamic Traffic Monitoring, this data can be mined for a variety of functions including QoS, fraud prevention, legal intercept, and billing.

“With the industry’s focus on reducing costs, building revenues, and tighter security, service providers are harnessing signaling messages for a variety of security and quality management applications,” said Charlie Baker, Brooktrout’s product manager for voice and data products, and the author of the whitepaper. “Brooktrout’s Non-Intrusive Dynamic Traffic Monitoring capability is an efficient and lower cost alternative that enables service providers to rapidly gather information and monitor transactions in real time.”

With Non-Intrusive Dynamic Traffic Monitoring, every high-level data link control (HDLC) based packet received can be acted upon by one or more rules that determine what happens to the packet. The rules can offer a variety of options, including complete discard of the packet, removal, addition or overriding of headers, insertion of a time stamp, redirection of a packet to an alternate location, or duplication of a packet that can be sent to multiple end points. Statistics that capture the results of packets are available to the host, which can use the information for a variety of applications, including:

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