Compuware Fault Management Solution Helps Customers Reduce System Downtime

12/10/2002 - Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) announced enhancements to its Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.0. These additions help IT managers proactively manage fault events by detecting and collecting faults in the Sun Solaris UNIX server environment, in addition to OS/390 and Windows NT server fault-events. Additionally, Fault Manager now allows reports and graphs to be scheduled and sent in e-mail form.

Today’s complex computing environments mean that there is no easy way for IT managers to know about all problems that are occurring in their areas of responsibility. As systems are deployed across multiple environments, it becomes even more of a challenge to collect fault information into a comprehensive and inclusive format. Fault Manager provides all the functions necessary for IT management to spot and eliminate recurring abends, resulting in higher quality applications. Fault Manager also allows access to archived fault information for trend analysis and integrates with a variety of help desk applications and management framework technologies.

“Fault Manager does two key things: it contributes to our bottom line and keeps our customers happy,” said Mike Uding, Systems Programmer, GuideOne Insurance. “The Compuware solution has reduced system downtime by calling our immediate attention to application errors through the automatic notification features, which helps us proactively correct the problems before the customer sees them. We considered other solutions, but none came close to Fault Manager’s key benefits and functionality.”

“There is a problem today in business when development, operations and the business itself do not share a common language. Existing systems tell some of the story around application failures, but the information must be captured and analyzed to provide a permanent fix to the problems,” said Theresa Lanowitz, Research Director, Gartner Research. “Acquiring a solid and comprehensive fault management tool is a business’ safeguard against IT problems that could go unnoticed and allows for optimizing IT resources by improving the fault resolution process.”

“Our customers receive tremendous business benefits when notified of an application problem prior to hearing about it from the user. This summary information, along with the in-depth information provided by the Abend-AID products, makes it possible to fix a problem before it is reported,” said Wendy Mead, Fault Manager Product Manager, Compuware Corporation. “Fault Manager helps managers proactively monitor, measure and improve the fault resolution process and the value of their systems.”

Compuware’s Abend-AID Fault Manager 3.0 is available immediately.

Compuware Corporation
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