Virtio Launches Software Evaluation and Development Environment for MIPS32 and MIPS64-Based SOC Platforms

12/9/2002 - Virtio Corporation, the creator of virtual platforms for embedded software development, introduced a complete evaluation and development environment for SOC platforms based upon the industry-standard MIPS32 and MIPS64 architectures. Co-developed by Virtio and MIPS Technologies, engineers will be able to conduct hands-on evaluations of real time operating systems (RTOSs), tool chains and software on a virtual MaltaTM Development Board.

Shay Ben-Chorin, Virtio President and CEO stated, “The introduction of this evaluation and development environment will give software engineers early access to complete software application development, software and hardware integration, and testing work at the front end of the development cycle. This will reduce overall time-to-market as well as the risks associated with using operating systems and development tools on targeted processors.”

The VPMM Virtual Platform for MIPS MaltaTM allows customers to boot the operating system and run application programs. There are also tutorials on how to set up a complete software development environment with the installation of popular tools chains such as Algorithmics® GNU Compiler/Linker, Wind River's Tornado® 2.1 development environment, Green Hills Multi®, Microsoft® Platform Builder and LynuxWorks' tools.

Brad Holtzinger, Director of System Solutions for MIPS Technologies, noted, “Our ability to provide a complete evaluation and development environment running on a virtual platform will significantly reduce the overall time-to-decision required in selecting a processor platform. Also, because software developers can automatically run the RTOS and application programs, they are able to get a significant jump ahead in the overall development process, which in turn helps them get their final product to market sooner. The environment also increases an engineer's level of confidence that the operating systems and development tools of choice will work well with the targeted MIPS processor.”

The VPMM can be accessed from either one of the companies web sites, and, and is free of charge for a full function 30-day evaluation license. The lead download will contain Virtio's VPMM Virtual Platform modeling the Malta development board; RTOSs, application software; MIPSsimTM (instruction accurate and cycle accurate); Virtio's ISS; instructions and documentation; an evaluation license agreement; and collateral material. The lead download will also demonstrate LynuxWorks' BlueCat Linux®, Wind River Systems VxWorks®, Microsoft® Windows® CE 3.0 and .NET and Green Hills INTEGRITY® RTOSs running on Virtio's VPMM Virtual Platform. The demonstrations will allow customers to boot their operating system of choice and run application programs, as well as find information on where to download or request a CD of integrated development environments provided by Wind River Systems, Green Hills and LynuxWorks.

Virtio's VPMM Virtual Platform
The VPMM Virtual Platform enables early software development and early hardware and software integration of embedded system designs using MIPS32- and MIPS64-based processor cores. Significant benefits of the VPMM Virtual Platform include:

About Virtio
Virtio speeds the creation and distribution of software models of embedded systems for early software development. These software models, called virtual platforms, shorten the design cycle through early software development, improve product quality with early HW/SW integration and promote design collaboration via on-line access and easy electronic distribution. Virtio is based in Campbell, California in the U.S.A with development centers at Campbell and the Alba Centre, Livingston, Scotland. Additional information about Virtio is available at

Virtio is a trademark of Virtio Corp.

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