Spirent Communications and TestQuest Partner on Test Applications

12/9/2002 - Spirent Communications, a wholly owned business group of Spirent plc (NYSE: SPM and LSE: SPT) and TestQuest, Inc., the leader in functional test automation tools for wireless devices, announced a partnership to deliver handset acceptance test solutions to CDMA carriers for evaluating the quality of end-user services. The same solutions also will enable mobile device manufacturers to automate testing of end-user services on their handsets, thereby speeding time to market, improving quality and ensuring customer satisfaction.

“The unique combination of Spirent’s automated over-the-air test solutions for CDMA and TestQuest’s tools and test expertise is the first of its kind in the industry,” said Charles Simmons, president of Spirent Communications’ Wireless division. “It will enable manufacturers and carriers to accelerate the testing and acceptance of increasingly complex handsets, as well as to assure the all-important end-user experience of services.”

The new solutions will help address the many challenges in deploying new and innovative services across CDMA networks, including time to market, heightened user expectations and the increasing complexity of user services and handsets. The performance quality of services such as SMS (short message services), MMS (multimedia message services) and data must be thoroughly evaluated to assure a satisfactory end-user experience. Spirent and TestQuest are demonstrating an integrated, automated SMS test solution at the 2002 CDMA Americas Congress (booths 409 and 323).

The solution is being demonstrated on a Motorola T720 handset, and includes the TestQuest Pro test automation tool, integrated with the Spirent AirAccess C2K CDMA Network Emulator and Universal Tool Suite (UTS). The test suite being demonstrated performs a functional validation of SMS and includes a corresponding verification of the handset’s user interface performance.

“Handset manufacturers are finding that automated testing is a tremendous way to reduce costs, improve quality and speed time to market,” said Martin Hahn, president and CEO of TestQuest. “A packaged automated test solution offers even more benefits since it can be implemented rapidly with relatively low effort.” At the core of the solution, is TestQuest Pro, which automates the process of testing by mimicking the presence of a user executing a predefined script of actions. The solution includes the connectivity from TestQuest Pro to the Spirent CDMA Network Emulator and the handset under test. Scripts are built on top of TestQuest’s innovative Test Verb Technology (TVT) framework and methodology; TVT defines and implements an across-the-industry standard approach to building highly maintainable test scripts that can be readily re-applied with each new handset. TVT and TestQuest Pro’s open-architecture development environment also make it easy for users to define custom test scenarios.

A final key element is Spirent’s Universal Tool Suite (UTS) interface specification, which TestQuest has incorporated into TestQuest Pro to enable handset test connectivity over serial or USB ports. With its manufacturer and chipset-independent architecture, UTS is the ideal non-intrusive tool for services testing.

Spirent will market this new test solution along with their industry leading CDMA physical layer and protocol layer performance analysis solutions. Spirent is the first to offer test solutions that completely analyze CDMA handset performance from the physical layer up through the application layer. TestQuest also will provide packaged applications for non-over-the-air testing, such as user interface or software applications testing.

About TestQuest
TestQuest (www.testquest.com) is the leader in automated, functional product testing for computer and embedded systems. As the only company providing an automated alternative to the manual testing of handheld/wireless devices, interactive television, and general computing, TestQuest enables customers to reduce time to market and improve product quality. Since launching its TestQuest Pro product in 1999, TestQuest has installed test automation solutions and helped reduce product development costs for companies including Motorola, Samsung, Verizon, Sprint, IBM, and Hewlett Packard, among others. Headquartered in Minneapolis, TestQuest markets and sells its products and services in North America, Europe and Asia.

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