Janus Technologies Launches PowerBus AMR Solution

12/9/2002 - Janus Technologies announced the product launch of their new automatic meter reading (AMR) solution. Developed by Janus, and using Domosys’ PowerBus ICs for power line communications, the solution is comprised of three main elements: RMU (Remote Meter Unit): This small card can be inserted into both electronic and electromechanical electricity meters. The RMU records the consumption pulses coming from the meter, logs the information, and periodically sends the data to the gateway over the power lines, using Domosys’ U-541 PowerBus IC. The RMU also has a 1 Amp relay for remote disconnection, a sensor to detect tampering, and two outputs for communicating rate changes to the meter. Gateway: An industrial PC that is generally installed in the Medium to Low voltage substation. The gateway reads the data from the RMUs over the low voltage power lines and stores it in a local database. Communication between the Gateway and the utility’s back-office network is done either via modem (telephone, GSM, or radio), or directly via Ethernet (TCP/IP).

MeterGate: This is the client interface for the bi-directional communications between the utility’s databases, and the deployed Gateways in the substations. It available for both Windows and Linux platforms.

"The ongoing deregulation in the electric markets is creating very strong demand for innovative products that will give utilities a competitive edge," explains Michel Kfoury, GM of Janus Technologies. "Our system helps utilities reduce meter reading, invoicing, and customer service costs. The remote disconnect feature is especially useful for areas with high customer turnover, and the detailed consumption data will help detect and eliminate electricity theft and losses."

The power line is an economical solution for communicating electricity data since the physical medium already exists, and no licensing fee is required like several fixed radio solutions. In addition, the use of PowerBus’ bi-directional communications means that utilities can easily advanced services such as real time pricing, load shedding during peak periods of electricity demand, or home monitoring and automation services.

Evan Price, president of Domosys, adds, "The use of our advanced PowerBus power line control networking technology has enabled Janus to rapidly develop an extremely flexible AMR system for utilities. PowerBus lets utilities start with a plain-vanilla AMR system at the same cost as competing technologies, but with the infrastructure in place to offer value-added services such as load shedding or security in the future. Several standard, off-the-shelf PowerBus products already exist to enable these advanced functions, such as Domosys’ Power Sentinel load shed module, or Honeywell’s PowerBus-enabled thermostat."

Janus’ AMR system is available in OEM format, and can be customized according to customers’ requirements. Engineering units are currently available; production quantities are scheduled for April 2003.

The system will be demonstrated in JS Automation’s booth 18U5 at ELEC 2002 in Paris, from December 9 to 15. Information on attending the show can be found here: http://www.elec.fr/

About Janus Technologies
Founded in 2001, Janus Technologies is an engineering company specialized in developing innovative networking solutions for industrials and utilities. Janus designs embedded hardware and software to provide powerful control networks meeting industrial and utilities’ expectations. Several OEM products for PowerBus technology are now provided by Janus, including the multipurpose, multi-network Gateway that communicates over power lines, TCP/IP, GSM, and Radio is now available and can be integrated in any control network requiring power line communication.

For more information contact:
Daniel Geha
Engineering Manager
Telephone: +961 4 722 004

About Domosys
Founded in 1994, Domosys Corporation is a leading provider of control networking technology to the residential, utility and commercial markets. The company provides a complete portfolio of products and services, such as transceivers and development software, required by Original Equipment Manufacturers (“OEMs”) to successfully develop and market products for control networks. Domosys’ communication technology transforms any stand-alone product into a device that can be controlled or monitored either locally or remotely over the Internet. Utilizing narrow-band transceivers, signals are sent and received over existing power lines or twisted pair wires, reducing the need for new wires or infrastructure to be built. Domosys Corporation is a privately held corporation based in Quebec City, Canada. To learn more about Domosys and its products and services, visit the company’s Web site at www.domosys.com

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