Fujitsu Invia puts office into your pocket

12/9/2002 - Fujitsu Invia is the first on the market to introduce a terminal-independent and genuinely mobile office. The pocket office is an IT service which, thanks to its strong authentication, meets the information security needs of the multi-channelled environment - on a global scale.

"What we have built is a secure IT solution for enterprises who need their mobile staff to access corporate operative systems and applications just as easily as their traditional office personnel", says Director Yrjänä Ahto of Fujitsu Invia.

"Our strength in product development is manifested here with the strong authentication we now introduce, which is based on Invia-developed multi-channel mPollux technology. User authentication guarantees secure remote connection. Our solution combines strong authentication with terminal independence."

GSM phone, communicator, palm computer as well as PC can all serve as pocket office terminals. The solution enables wireless access to all existing applications. The pocket office can be utilised for example by office-, sales- and field personnel.

"The pocket office can be tailored specifically to each enterprise’s needs to be supplied straight from the power plug. There is no need for new investments as old investments are put to effective use. Moreover, end users will not have to be bothered with learning everything anew, as they can continue using all their familiar applications", Yrjänä Ahto says.

Fujitsu Invia with its pocket office is the first on the market to offer a full-scale mobile service for secure remote access. The service is provided straight from the power plug for a €/user/month charge.

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