Extended Systems’ SyncML SDK Compliant with New SyncML Standard

12/5/2002 - Extended Systems, a leading provider of mobile information management solutions for the enterprise, announced that the company’s SyncML software development kit, which enables mobile device manufacturers to implement the SyncML client protocol into a wide range of devices including smart phones, cell phones and PDAs, has undergone SyncML Interoperability testing and is now certified compliant with SyncML v1.1.1.

Extended Systems’ XTNDAccess SyncML SDK underwent the rigorous SyncML Interoperability testing at SyncFest 9 in Sophia Antipolis, France. In addition to being compliant with v1.1.1, noted features of the software kit include portable source code, easy-to-use APIs and comprehensive, easy-to-follow documentation, all of which allow developers to reduce development costs and shorten time-to-market. Specifically designed for embedded client devices, Extended Systems’ SyncML SDK also features small code size (<40k ROM) optimized for memory limited devices and includes support for large objects, allowing developers to use a smaller message buffer resulting in saved RAM space on the device.

Extended Systems Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Don Baumgartner said maintaining SyncML compliance is an important initiative for Extended Systems because the standard, and the interoperability and testing processes that drive it, enable device manufacturers to accelerate the introduction of SyncML compliant products by dramatically increasing the number of data capable products in the market. "In addition," he said, "our unique relationships with leading device manufacturers and standards organizations allow us to bring a greater level of knowledge and expertise to enterprise customers."

XTNDAccess SyncML SDK Pricing and Availability
Extended Systems full-featured, SyncML client toolkit, XTNDAccess SyncML SDK, is immediately available. For more product or pricing information, please contact umcsales@extendsys.com.

About SyncML
SyncML is the common language for synchronizing all devices and applications over any network. SyncML leverages Extensible Markup Language (XML), making SyncML a truly future-proof platform. With SyncML, networked information can be synchronized with any mobile device, and mobile information can be synchronized with any networked applications. With SyncML any personal information, such as email, calendars, to-do lists, contact information and other relevant data, will be consistent, accessible and up to date, no matter where the information is stored. See www.syncml.org for more information.

About Extended Systems
Extended Systems provides the expertise, strategy and solutions to help enterprise organizations realize their business goals through mobile technology. The company’s software and services portfolio includes data synchronization and device management solutions; mobile applications for sales, service and pharmaceutical professionals; mobile application development tools and services; and Bluetooth and IrDA wireless connectivity software. Extended Systems has more than 2,500 enterprise customers and key alliance relationships with Agilent, Ericsson, Handspring, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Palm, Sharp, Siemens and Toshiba.

Founded in 1984, Extended Systems has offices and subsidiaries in the United States and worldwide. For more information, visit the company Web site at www.extendedsystems.com

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