Broadcom Unveils BroadVoice, a Breakthrough Broadband Telephony Solution

12/5/2002 - Broadcom, the leading provider of integrated circuits enabling broadband communications, announced the availability of BroadVoiceTM, the industry’s first modular two-line Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony solution that can deliver near CD-quality voice service using standard plain old telephone system (POTS)-based customer premises equipment (CPE).

The BroadVoice VoIP solution enables IP telephony equipment manufacturers and broadband DSL and cable service providers to economically offer a distinct and compelling “better than” existing telephone service to consumers and businesses worldwide, while at the same time using significantly less bandwidth than existing solutions.

Broadcom’s VoIP technology consists of the Broadcom® BroadVoice BCM3341 VoIP digital signal processor (DSP) system-on-a-chip and BroadVoice software-based voice compression codecs. Differing from existing, highly complex compression codecs, the BroadVoice solution can significantly improve the clarity and quality of telephony voice service using fifty percent less bandwidth than standard 64 Kilobit per second (Kbps) G.711, or standard telephone, solutions. As a result, BroadVoice provides a significant cost saving to service providers by allowing them to provision more calls, with equivalent or better voice quality, on the same network infrastructure without the cost of upgrading or adding new equipment.

“BroadVoice is the culmination of over two years of research and development in perfecting the ideal solution for IP telephony, which will help service operators increase their market share in the rapidly growing telephony market,” said Tim Lindenfelser, Vice President and General Manager of Broadcom’s Broadband Communications Business Unit. “We are seeing tremendous acceptance of BroadVoice, because it offers more value to manufacturers, service providers, and end users than current industry solutions.”

“The BroadVoice solutions could offer compelling advantages to the cable industry, including a wideband version that can significantly differentiate packet-based cable telephony over standard telephone service,” said Steve Craddock, Senior Vice President of New Media Development at Comcast. “The BroadVoice solutions look promising and we plan to test them in the near future.”

The BroadVoice BCM3341 integrates seven commonly used, general-purpose chips into a single, efficient integrated circuit (IC) that reduces the size and power of the system while providing increased performance and better voice quality. The BroadVoice BCM3341 integrates an unprecedented amount of technology. Included in this chip are a very high-performance dual multiply and accumulate 200+ MIPS digital signal processor, a high-performance DSP memory system, a FlexiVoiceTM POTS codec, a PacketSync® packet synchronization processor, a telephony phase lock loop (PLL), a battery voltage sensor, an internal voltage regulator, a high-efficiency, high-voltage telephone ring generator controller, and a time-division multiplexing (TDM) expansion interface. The BroadVoice BCM3341 also has a flexible expansion interface that enables cascading four or more lines for multi-dwelling unit (MDU) applications, as well as VoIP POTS telephony solutions across an entire line of broadband modems, residential gateways and set-top boxes.

Completing the BroadVoice BCM3341 solution is Broadcom xChangeTM, a suite of “Carrier-Class“ VoIP DSP software. Adapted from years of field-proven use, xChange provides a complete suite of VoIP DSP software that includes automatic voice, fax, and modem call detection, automatic gain control (AGC), voice activity detection (VAD), comfort noise generation (CNG), call conferencing, G.168 echo cancellation, and all of the popular G.7xx voice compression codecs, including BroadVoice.

The BroadVoice voice codecs are the industry’s first IP telephony codecs engineered to provide significant advantages in complexity, size, delay and voice quality. The codecs are available in two versions: BroadVoice 16 and BroadVoice 32, supporting standard and enhanced telephony service, respectively. BroadVoice 16 is a 16 Kbps voice codec that provides standard toll quality telephone service at a greatly reduced 16 Kbps bit rate versus the standard 64 Kbps G.711 bit rate. This reduced bit rate increases the number of lines a broadband cable VoIP telephony network can service by more than 100 percent. BroadVoice 32 is a 32 Kbps voice codec that provides enhanced quality telephone service approaching natural voice or CD quality.

The BroadVoice codecs are also incorporated into Broadcom’s market-leading CalistoTM VoIP Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) access gateway processors, the world’s highest port density and lowest power solution. For calls bridging to the existing PSTN through access gateways, the combination of BroadVoice codecs and Calisto processors offers manufacturers a high-performance end-to-end PSTN access gateway solution that is available today.

BroadVoice Demonstration at Broadband Plus
Broadcom is demonstrating the BroadVoice solution by invitation at the Broadband Plus cable show, which runs from December 4 through 6 in Anaheim, Calif., in booth # 3739. The demonstration includes the BroadVoice BCM3341 DOCSISTM 2.0-based VoIP POTS cable modem with the BroadVoice voice codecs, and a Calisto-powered Cedar Point Communications, Inc. SAFARI C3TM VoIP PacketCableTM-based Carrier Class PSTN access gateway.

Availability and Reference Designs
To help customers quickly develop products with the BroadVoice BCM3341 and voice codecs, Broadcom developed the BCM93348VCM, a PacketCable-based 2.0 voice cable modem reference design. The BCM93348VCM is a two-line POTS VoIP DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS cable modem reference design with 10/100 Ethernet and USB interfaces. The CablexChangeTM software suite provides a complete PacketCable-based software solution.

Both the BroadVoice BCM3341 and BroadVoice voice codecs are currently available. The BCM3341 is packaged in a 256-pin plastic ball grid array (PBGA) package and costs $19 each in 50,000 piece quantities.

About Broadcom
Broadcom Corporation is the leading provider of highly integrated silicon solutions that enable broadband communications and networking of voice, video and data services. Using proprietary technologies and advanced design methodologies, Broadcom designs, develops and supplies complete system-on-a-chip solutions and related hardware and software applications for every major broadband communications market. Our diverse product portfolio includes solutions for digital cable and satellite set-top boxes; cable and DSL modems and residential gateways; high-speed transmission and switching for local, metropolitan and wide area networking; home and wireless networking; cellular and terrestrial wireless communications; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) gateway and telephony systems; broadband network processors; and SystemI/OTM server solutions. These technologies and products support our core mission: Connecting everything®.

Broadcom®, the pulse logo, Connecting everything®, PacketSync®, SystemI/OTM, FlexiVoiceTM , CalistoTM, BroadVoiceTM, CablexChangeTM, and Broadcom xChangeTM are trademarks of Broadcom Corporation and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. CableLabs®, DOCSISTM and PacketCableTM are trademarks of Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. SAFARI C3TM is a trademark of Cedar Point Communications, Inc.

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