Avnet Applied Computing: Leader in E-Business Implementations

12/5/2002 - Avnet Applied Computing is once more First to Market, this time for e-business. Avnet Applied Computing Europe has received Intel's RosettaNet Early Adoption Award at a ceremony in Lisbon. Intel presents this prize to parties that have adapted in record time to RosettaNet, the new standard for business-to-business e-business. Avnet Applied Computing can also report the very quick implementation of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in collaboration with Seagate, the world's leading disc drive supplier.

Despite the uncertain state of the market, Avnet Applied Computing continues to invest and grow successfully in the field of ADT applications (Automated Data Transfer), particularly the implementation of EDI and RosettaNet.

EDI in just ten days
EDI stands for "Electronic Data Interchange", a standard business-to-business protocol for e-business. It normally takes a company four to six weeks to implement this procedure securely, but setting up the connection between Avnet Applied Computing Europe and Seagate went a lot faster. Avnet Applied Computing's Jade O'Hanlon European E-Business Analys) reports: "From the time we decided to use EDI for many transactions with Seagate to completing all the procedures took us only ten days. That things went so fast was due in part to good teamwork and the fantastic collaboration with Seagate."

RosettaNet in three months
Avnet Applied Computing had a similar success in March this year with its amazingly fast implementation of RosettaNet, the de-facto industry standard for machine-to-machine e-business. Avnet Applied Computing was able to carry out live transactions with Intel after only three months preparation work. It was for this achievement that Avnet Applied Computing received the Early Adoption Award. Here too, internal teamwork and our excellent relationship with Intel were the basis for successful implementation", says Mr. O'Hanlon.

RosettaNet is a consortium of more than 450 market leaders in the electronic components, information technology and semiconductor production industries. It is a non-profit organisation for developing, implementing and promoting an open e-business standard that streamlines business processes between computer technology suppliers and customers throughout the world. The system provides significant advantages: clear formats, procedures and business models which remove the need for manual intervention, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing delays.

Ongoing development
Both EDI and RosettaNet have significant advantages for Avnet Applied Computing. "The main thing is that this is an efficient way of doing business", says European IT Director Michael Fischermanns. "It definitely saves time and money, that's obvious. But we want to go further. We are already number one in the ADT market, but we are setting our sights on new horizons, for example new methods -- besides RosettaNet and EDI -- to streamline the way we do business with our suppliers and customers. And we're thinking beyond just the product level," Jade O'Hanlon adds: "Avnet Applied Computing's management understands the importance of e-business for our sector and that's the secret of our success: Avnet Applied Computing is prepared to invest because we know how successful we can be."

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