TI Pioneers Digital Signal Processing Solutions Enabling Smart Power Supplies

12/3/2002 - Enabling power supply designers to leverage the benefits of digital technologies, Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry´s first digital signal processing (DSP) approach for the rapidly growing power management market. Stemming from growth, the power management market is experiencing increased system complexity, cost-pressures, time-to-market constraints and a need for more feature-rich applications, placing added pressures on power supply designers. Responding to designers´ needs, TI has developed a robust, easy-to-use DSP-based solution that provides added flexibility, intelligence and substantial value to applications while meeting the required performance to operate and manage digital power supplies.

"The estimated $14.6 billion switching power supply segment has become extremely complicated, challenging power supply designers to develop increasingly sophisticated products in architectures that have not kept pace with system complexities," said Nathan Andrews, power conversion & control group manager, Venture Development Corporation. "By enabling developers to design with DSPs, TI is offering a compelling choice that meets their evolving needs for smarter, more intuitive applications."

Geared to designers of switch mode power supplies that go into applications such as network servers, telecom switching equipment, high power rectifiers (300 watt +) and uninterruptible power supplies, TI's DSP-based solution meets designers' needs for transient performance, load regulation and power factor correction. However, the real value of a DSP-based solution is in its fully configurable software control platform.

By designing with DSPs, power supply manufacturers can tap into a powerful, programmable software platform that not only controls power supply, but offers enhanced features such as intelligent fault management, digital current sharing and active-in rush control. By leveraging this architecture, developers can use a single solution across multiple platforms by simply changing the software on the DSP to match the appropriate power hardware. This will lead to faster time to market and cost reduction through reduced parts count and better production yields for power supply products. Moreover, better production yields in turn lead to better inventory logistics and easier production flow.

With power supplies enabled by TI's digital power solutions, end users will see increases in the efficiency and reliability of their end applications. Other end user benefits include smaller footprints through component integration and the ability to upgrade applications based on future digital power architectures.

"For more than 20 years, TI has brought innovation to the power management market," said Matt Harrison, digital power solutions business manager, TI. "We continue to be committed to this market by introducing real world solutions such as the digital power supply developer's kit that reduce system costs and incorporate intelligence into power supply applications."

TI Digital Power Supply Developer´s Kit Makes Digital Simple
Manufacturers can easily and affordably take advantage of a digital architecture for controlling switch mode power supplies by utilizing TI´s TMDS3P701235DPS, the industry´s first complete digital power supply developer´s kit. Using the kit, power supply manufacturers can harness the power and performance of TI´s TMS320C2000TM DSPs to experience gains in intelligence, functionality, flexibility and performance with reductions in time to market and system cost.

The kit includes all of the hardware, software and tools to easily and cost-effectively begin development of digital power supply applications. The developer's kit is centered on TI's TMS320C2000 DSP platform which is optimized for control applications and sets the standard with a unique combination of on-chip peripheral integration, performance and code efficiency.

Software-Based Solution Provides Flexibility and Intelligence
The software infrastructure of the kit features a complete library of algorithms customized for digital power supply from TI. It allows for feature expansion such as power stage sequencing, intelligent fault management and intelligent current share strategy. Additionally, with a programmable DSP architecture, designers can customize and optimize their designs in software saving days, if not months, of design time. All TI C2000 DSPs are software code-compatible using eXpressDSPTM Software and Development tools. eXpressDSP Software includes DSP/BIOS, the TMS320 Algorithm standard and Code Composer StudioTM 2.12 enabling designers to reuse their software innovations when the time comes to migrate to next-generation silicon.

Get Started Today with Easy-to-Use Tools and Comprehensive Support
In conjunction with the kit, designers also can take advantage of TI´s extensive third-party network, the largest in the DSP industry. More than 600 worldwide specialists provide a myriad of products that offer a broad range of application software, development hardware and consulting services. Additionally, to help designers get started quickly, TI offers web based application notes and training courses.

Pricing and Availability
TI´s digital power supply developer´s kit is available for $3,995. eXpressDSP and eXpressDSP compliant products from TI´s third party network are also available.

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