Soft-Scope Available from Micro Digital

12/2/2002 - Micro Digital is now serving as distributor for Soft–Scope®, CSi–LocateTM, CSi–MonTM, and USLink®. These products are compatible with Microsoft, Borland, Metaware, and Watcom compilers for x86 real mode and protected mode. Soft-Scope is a symbolic debugger. CSi-Locate locates .exe files for target ROM. CSi-Mon is a target monitor. USLink is an embedded application linker/locator.

Micro Digital also markets its own hard real-time RTOS for x86 and other processors. SMX® is a full RTOS providing a multitasking kernel, TCP/IP, GUI, file I/O, and more. All modules are small and offer high performance. SMX comes with board support packages and device drivers for many processors and boards. It is an ideal platform for small, low-cost, very-high-performance applications. SMX is available royalty-free, and comes with source code.

SMX evaluation kits are available, at no cost, for many development boards. Various development tools are supported. Call 800-366-2491.

Soft-Scope and USLink are registered trademarks of Lantronix Inc. CSi-Locate and CSi-Mon are all registered trademarks of Lantronix Inc. SMX is a registered trademark of Micro Digital Inc.

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