New Entry-Level PMC Graphics Board Brings Next-Generation Graphics to Embedded Designs

12/2/2002 - Peritek, the leading provider of mezzanine graphics boards for embedded systems, has introduced its first entry-level PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) graphics board for use in VMEbus and CompactPCI embedded systems. The high-resolution Tropos/PMC is the first graphics controller to feature Silicon Motion's new SM731 graphics accelerator. This PMC card is designed for 2D, 3D, OpenGL and DirectX-compatible displays. It supports Windows, VxWorks and Linux operating system environments.

The Tropos/PMC is powered by Silicon Motion's new 128-bit SM731 graphics accelerator and supports screen resolutions up to 1600 x 1200. The SM731 can be configured with 16 or 32 Mbytes of high speed SDRAM display memory to provide ample local storage for image and off-screen data such as texture maps, Z-buffer, and backing store.

"The Tropos/PMC's SM731 graphics engine offers a next-generation performance alternative to the venerable 69030," said Victor Gold, President of Peritek. "This affordably priced, high-speed, high resolution graphics card sets a new standard for low-cost PMC graphics."

Tropos/PMC Key Features:

The SM731 provides significant performance improvement in comparison to the Industry's leading low-end graphics engine, the Asiliant 69030:

Graphics Engine Specification
Silicon Motion SM731:

Software provided by Peritek includes SDL (Standard Drawing Library) a compact, scaleable graphics subroutine package for VxWorks. Windows drivers are available for 2000/XP. Xfree86 is available for X Windows applications under Linux.

Peritek offers compatible families of graphics controllers on PMC, CompactPCI and PCI platforms to offer the widest range of embedded and industrial operating systems compatibility. In addition to Tropos/PMC, Peritek also offers the Argus/PMC, a dual display graphics controller with audio/video input/USB.

Tropos/PMC operating temperature range is 0 to 55 C.

Peritek is the leading supplier of video and graphics display control boards for the embedded computing industry. We offer the broadest range of solutions for standard hardware platforms and operating systems. Our high performance graphics controllers include PMC, PCI, CompactPCI and VME solutions. Our operating system support is also unmatched in the industry, and includes Solaris, Linux, Windows and leading real-time operating systems including VxWorks and LynxOS. Using in-house technology and software, Peritek products deliver reliable COTS high performance graphics in a multitude of applications deployed in the aviation, defense, medical and industrial environments.

For more information, please contact Peritek Worldwide Sales, 9975 Business Park Avenue, Suite A, San Diego, California 92131-1102. Tel: (800) 281-4567 or (858) 689-7150. Fax: (858) 689-7156. Email:

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