American Arium Announces ARM RealMonitor and Program Caching in SourcePoint

11/27/2002 - American Arium, an industry leader in embedded software debug tools, announced the availability of RealMonitorTM and program caching in their best-in-class debugger, SourcePointTM.

RealMonitor, a product from ARM®, allows the user to debug applications while the target continues to run and service interrupts. Embedded systems developers can now debug applications “on the fly” with the SourcePoint debugger connected to a SC-1000 or GS-1000 emulator.

Designers of products that contain complex embedded designs often require debugging tools that allow the processor core to continue to run. As these systems are usually interrupt driven, RealMonitor is an ideal solution. Users can fully debug their systems without creating undesirable conditions by stopping the processor from running.

There are times during the debugging phase of a project when RealMonitor functionality is desired but has not been provided ahead of time. American Arium emulators offer some of the same functions regardless of whether the target is running RealMonitor code or not.

In cases where RealMonitor is not available, or may not be used, Program Caching allows the user to trigger the processor and view source code. Also, ARM’s Embedded Trace Macrocell (ETM) trigger/trace Macrocell can be programmed with the processor running. Users can add/edit sequences, keeping the embedded system running. A design engineer can then selectively trace any function they choose by setting the proper ETM sequences.

Key benefits of RealMonitor and Program Caching features include greater visibility to real-time executed code, run-time target peek/poke experiments, easier bug finding, and faster product time-to-market.

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Arium, a privately held corporation, is a manufacturer of hardware and software development tools supporting Intel and ARM processors. American Arium tools are used worldwide to debug software such as BIOS, device drivers, OS kernels, and embedded applications. The company can be reached at 14811 Myford Road, Tustin, CA 92780. Telephone: (877)-508-3970 toll free or (714) 731-1661. E-mail:

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